Client confidence

When it comes to aesthetics, necessary training and qualifications are crucial to elevate your client’s confidence and increase your bookings. In an exclusive interview with Jodie Foy, we explore how her medical background has helped her career in aesthetics thrive. 

Tell us about your background in the beauty industry.

I have been in the aesthetic industry for coming up to four years now. I qualified as a nurse and always knew I wanted to do aesthetics, I did my first course in lip augmentation whilst still working as a full time A&E nurse. From there I set up my business from home and fast forward to now I own two salons; one is the clinic and the other is the training academy. 

What qualifications do you have in aesthetics and how have these helped you master the skill?

I have taken 20 courses in aesthetics and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I offer advanced dermal filler, including signature and Russian lips, cheeks, jaw, chin, rhinoplasty, anti-wrinkle injections, skin boosters, body contouring, Hydrafacials, fat dissolving and vitamin injections. I have also recently trained in the new Loran Strip technique, invented and taught by Dr Laura. I believe that you can never stop learning, there is always room to learn new skills. I have attended the same course taught by different companies to master my skills over the years, this has helped me with not only my confidence but learning new skills to then transition into my own techniques.

Do you think training and qualifications are important in this industry for clients to feel confident in your work, if so, why?

If you’re a client you want to be reassured that the practitioner is up to date on the newest and safest techniques for a beautiful result. I hold a lot of experience in this industry and I’m up to date with all health and safety regulations along with knowledge and skills needed to perform aesthetics to a high standard. I am very vocal to my clients about the courses I undertake and I share my knowledge with them to ensure that they feel comfortable when booking a treatment.

What are your goals for the future?

I’d love to see my academy grow and evolve into a space where students receive the highest of standards in training. My academy is nurse-led and between us we thrive to bring the safest of practice across the UK. Aesthetics is taking over right now and a lot of people are wanting to enter the industry but it holds a lot of responsibility and training to be competent and deliver beautiful results. Here at Jodie Amber Studios we promise to deliver inquisitive knowledge and the skills you need to thrive in your career.