Committed to excellence

Nailchemy Limited is a leading brand in the nail and beauty industry, dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional training courses. Founded by the husband and wife team, Dave and Hayley Partridge, Nailchemy has quickly established itself as a trusted business since its launch in 2017. We find out more about the reputable brand and the benefits they can offer to your salon.

At Nailchemy, our mission is to create magical nails by offering a diverse range of professional nail products. From Gel Polish, Soak Off Builder and Fiber Gel to Acrylic, Acrylic-Gel, Nail Art Gels, Glitter, and Nail Art Tools, we carefully select each product to compliment others within the Nailchemy brand. Our goal is to empower nail professionals to unleash their creativity and achieve stunning results for their clients.

Recently, Nailchemy achieved a remarkable milestone by receiving the Trading Standards Approved “Buy With Confidence” mark, making us the first nail product brand in the industry to receive this prestigious distinction. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to product safety, high-quality training courses, and exceptional customer service.

The “Buy With Confidence” mark is not easily attained. It requires businesses to undergo an extensive audit conducted by Trading Standards, focusing on product safety, training, and customer service. Nailchemy willingly embraced this rigorous process to ensure that our customers receive only the safest and highest-quality products available in the market. We believe in transparency and accountability, and this award serves as a symbol of our dedication to following both the letter and spirit of the law.

What sets the Nailchemy range apart in this highly competitive industry is our genuine passion for nails, commitment to continuous innovation, and personalised customer experience. Our Directors, Dave and Hayley, have a deep understanding of the industry, and their combined expertise drives the development of new products that reflect emerging trends. Nailchemy is more than just a brand; it is a community that supports and inspires nail professionals to push their boundaries and explore their creativity.

As we strive to expand our reach and impact, we invite readers to join forces with Nailchemy. There are numerous ways to collaborate with us, whether you’re a nail professional looking to enhance your skills through our comprehensive training courses, a salon owner seeking to stock our magical products, or a distributor interested in partnering with a brand that prioritises product safety and customer satisfaction.

By working with Nailchemy, you are choosing a brand that goes beyond providing exceptional products. We are committed to fostering professional growth, delivering unparalleled customer service, and maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Together, we can create extraordinary nail experiences and leave a lasting impression on the industry.

To learn more about Nailchemy and the opportunities to collaborate, please visit our website at We look forward to embarking on this magical journey with you.