This highly-anticipated campaign showcases the bold, innovative talents of Crazy Color’s Global Colour Ambassador, Sophia Hilton, as she pushes the boundaries of creativity in vivid hair colour.

The “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign was created to inspire creative expression, celebrate individuality and show the boundless possibilities of vibrant hair colour. The campaign aims to embolden people worldwide to embrace their unique style and unleash their inner confidence by thinking beyond traditional hair colour norms. Crazy Color want to empower everyone to embrace their individuality through their hair.

As Crazy Color’s Global Colour Ambassador, Sophia Hilton is renowned for her unrivalled expertise and visionary approach to hair colour. She pushes boundaries, challenges status quo and positively builds her team up around her! With a burning passion for limitless creativity, Sophia is an influential figure in the industry, setting trends that inspire fearless experimentation with bold, vivid shades. Together with Sophia, Crazy Color want to encourage professional colourists to experiment with vibrant palettes.

The “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign features a diverse range of hairstyles, each meticulously crafted to showcase the full potential of Crazy Color’s extensive palette. From vivid pastels to daring neons, the campaign brings together an eclectic mix of personalised colours, custom mixed for each model by Sophia and her team at Not Another Salon.

“This campaign rebels against conventional beauty standards: We want to empower you to embrace your true self, unleash your inner confidence, and own the room with hair that defies expectations.” – Crazy Color

“What is always important to me is to illustrate that Crazy Color is not just for one type of person, it’s for everybody. In the last 10 years, I have seen the trends change dramatically in the UK, and throughout the world, and what was once seen as alternative is now completely wearable for every personality. Giving people the confidence to be themselves is exactly what Crazy Color is all about” – Sophia Hilton

This collection showcases Crazy Color’s expansive range of colours like never before. With 40 Semi Permanent shades to choose from, all intermixable, each shade you see here has been custom mixed to suit the model and the look Sophia has created for each one.

“Think Outside the Bottle” will be unveiled through a series of stunning visuals, including a high-fashion photoshoot, captivating video content, and behind-the-scenes footage that provides a glimpse into the creative process. The campaign will be featured across various digital and social media platforms, ensuring a global reach and inspiring professionals and end users alike.

“Think Outside the Bottle” by Crazy Color, with all hairstyles created by Global Colour Ambassador Sophia Hilton, is set to revolutionize the way people perceive and embrace vivid hair colours. This groundbreaking campaign promises to empower individuals to break free from convention and embrace their true selves, one vibrant hue at a time.

Crazy Color: Self-expression as standard

Sophia Hilton:

  • An industry powerhouse Sophia Hilton is the leader in the ever changing trend of creative colouring.
  • Crazy Color has found the perfect partner in Sophia and Not Another Salon who are striving to refine, improve and celebrate their inclusive, non-judgemental haircare. They’ve created a safe space to go much deeper than hair it’s about change in mentality. Spreading the idea that it is in fact ‘cool’ to be kind.
  • Sophia hosts international education on her Vivid Colour Course in addition to revealing and exploring the business side of the industry, encouraging her audiences to be open, honest and reflective on where they could do better while giving them the tactics and knowledge to do so.
  • Sophia and her vivid colourist team at Not Another Salon were the creative talent behind our recent Think Outside The Bottle campaign.

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