Creativity and collaboration take centre stage at Salon International

Wow, what a few weeks it’s been! Salon International, the much-awaited annual event for all things hair and beauty is now over, and we’re left reminiscing on the amazing memories we made with all you lovely hair professionals.

A collaboration like no other. Sister companies Fabriq and INNOluxe came together to support the How To Cut It (HTCI) Platform stage. Our brands, celebrated for their innovative treatments and products, joined forces with the one and only, Dom Lehane to present an incredible showcase of the very best in the hair industry.

Fabriq and INNOluxe share a common mission: to empower individuals of all hair types to achieve their best ever hair. Pumping some much-needed positivity into the industry, we assembled an incredible crew of industry experts who rocked captivating panel discussions, gave inspiring talks, and put on live shows, all with one goal: redefining the rulebook for healthy, strong, and vibrant hair.

The mastermind behind this brilliant concept is none other than Dom Lehane, a familiar name to many, thanks to his renowned How To Cut It Podcast. Dom has recently launched ‘Platform,’ an exciting online hub tailored exclusively for hairstylists, colourists and barbers. A place where collaboration, the exchange of ingenious ideas, and skill enhancement take centre stage. In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic, fresh online platform that unites the entire hairdressing community, and that was exactly what our stage at Salon International did.

The stage’s lineup shone with industry legends like the incredible INNOluxe Ambassador Sophia Hilton, Ben Brown, Gerard Scarpaci, Josh Lamonca and Gianni Scummaci.

But it wasn’t just about the big names; we also showcased those unsung stars who often work their magic behind the scenes. Notably, our very own Masters Phebean Anthony and Brenda Charlemagne from Fabriq took the stage alongside INNOluxe Superstars Chloe Dickison, Katy Grimshaw, Sarah Spiers, Heffy Wheeler, and the amazing Georgia Bell.

Jez Barnett, the mastermind driving Fabriq and INNOluxe, expressed his deep pride in thriving in an industry bursting with boundless talent and creative potential. He shared, “We’re delighted to be at the forefront of innovation in an industry that’s brimming with exceptional talent and boundless creativity. It was great being back at Salon International. Feeling the renewed energy and passion that lit up our stage was incredible.”

We added an extra dash of excitement with our fantastic prize draw. One lucky visitor had the chance to walk away with over £1,000 worth of INNOluxe and Fabriq products!

As we wrap up with Salon International, the Fabriq & INNOluxe team are left bursting with excitement for what the future holds. Get ready for some game-changing developments… Could this be a sneak peek at some new product lines?