Curly Girl Approved

OSMO have launched their new curly hair range and it’s Curly Girl Method approved! In this spotlight launch, we find out all the details on the range that has been created with curls in mind and packed with curl-loving ingredients to ensure that your clients have a good curl day, every day.

Cater to all your curly hair clients and elevate your services with the new OSMO curly hair range, specially designed to bring natural curls back to life. Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and alcohols, Curl Revival leaves your client’s curls hydrated and silky, fights frizz and defines curls. And what’s more, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free.


Reacting to Industry Trends

Created in response to the phenomenal success of the now infamous Curly Girl Method, Curl Revival aims to cater to the specific care needs of the three main curl types. Allowing your salon to enhance services catered to curls with a product range that creates a dream curl care cocktail.



Resurrection Flower: Helps soothe and nourish the scalp. Rejuvenates dry and damaged hair, restoring it back to a healthy condition. It also helps plump, protect, and add shine.

Avocado: Contains healthy fats to help nourish hair, making it feel supple, healthy, and more resilient to damage.

Aloe Vera: Contains many active minerals that help strengthen the hair. Helps remove excess oil from the scalp and soothes the scalp to help promote healthy cell growth.


Introducing the Dream Team…

Cater to this growing group of clients by offering products that specifically care for curls. Clients will appreciate their stylist being able to discuss the best products to enhance their hair type. This will help build trust and will make clients more inclined to buy your retail offerings.  Use the information below to ensure your staff are knowledgeable on the range, to provide personalised recommendations based on their hair type and preferences.

Reinvigorating Shampoo: A super hydrating, curl loving formula that gently foams and cleanses whilst retaining the hair’s natural condition. Formulated with nourishing Avocado and Jojoba Oils, this frizz reducing shampoo leaves type 2 waves and type 3 curls feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Directions: Apply to wet hair and lather well. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Revitalising Cleanser: A creamy, no-foam, cleansing solution for thirsty curls. Formulated with Resurrection Flower Extract and Avocado Oil, this gentle cleanser helps melt away dirt and product build-up without stripping the hair. This mild formula reinvigorates the scalp and leaves curls feeling hydrated and silky.

Directions: Use on wet hair, starting at the top of the head, working front to back, massage well into the scalp using a circular motion. Follow with the sides and nape, before running through the ends. Detangle with fingers and rinse thoroughly.

Revitalising Conditioner: Designed to quench waves, curls and coils, this nourishing conditioner helps to detangle and soften strands while enhancing definition and increasing shine. Formulated with Resurrection Flower Extract and Avocado Oil, hair is left tangle free and silky.

Directions: Apply to wet hair, rake through the hair in sections using your fingers until hair makes a squelching sound when squeezed. Rinse out partly or fully according to your curl pattern. For drier curls, leave the product in. For looser curls, partially rinse the product.

Renourishing Mask: A rejuvenating treatment mask formulated with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, designed to help strengthen and protect the hair whilst aiding in the prevention of breakage and tangling. Curl definition is enhanced, moisture levels are restored, and flexibility improved.

Directions: Apply to damp hair from roots to ends after cleansing. Detangle with fingers and leave on for approximately 20-30 minutes (or longer as required). Rinse well and style as normal.

Replenishing Cream: An ultra-nourishing, soft hold leave-in cream designed to deliver intense moisture and protection against humidity. Formulated with Resurrection Flower Extract and Jojoba Oil, this weightless 2-in-1 formula contains structure building ingredients inducive to curl formation. It also helps control frizz while softening and defining all curl types for bouncy, velvet-touch results.

Directions: A lightweight cream designed for use as both a moisture booster on wet hair and a hydrating styler on dry. On wet hair: Start with a pea-sized amount and build as required. Rake through curls using fingers to ensure even distribution. Style as normal. On dry hair: Mix a small amount with a little water in your hand then either squeeze into hair or spot treat individual curls.

Re-Invigorating Gel: This effortless, moisturising gel is designed to smooth and define curls effortlessly without stickiness. Formulated with Green tea and Soybean Oil, this water-based styler creates a protective, light, non-greasy cast around your curls, holding the style and shape with medium hold and long-lasting results.

Directions: For maximum effect, apply to damp hair. Rake the gel into hair in sections, working from back to front. Ensure even distribution. Allow to dry, then tip head forward and scrunch out the gel to release the cast. For extra volume, repeat underneath, scrunching and holding in sections to encourage curl formation.


OSMO is available from hair and beauty wholesalers. Visit for your nearest stockist.