Curly Hair Glossary

If you have Googled ‘curly hair’ recently, you will have stumbled upon a mountain of information on how to care for curls and in a colloquial language that may be hard to understand. In this exclusive editorial, the curl experts from Trepadora help navigate the unknowns, so that you can achieve and help guide your clients to create perfect curls.


Clarifying is a deep cleanse of curls to remove build up. We recommend the Trepadora Goji Berry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse for an at-home treatment to cleanse weekly or bi-weekly for those who prefer a deep cleanse less often.


‘Conditioner washing’ or co-wash is when you apply a conditioner in between the times you clarify. Trepadora’s Hibiscus Pink Cleansing Clay-Wash is a perfect alternative to co-washing. It’s non-foaming, creamy texture mirrors that of a conditioner but the French pink clay in this product elevates the co-washing experience into a more superior clay wash.

Finger Coiling

This styling method smoothes and wraps sections of hair around the finger to create more uniform curls. Applying a little pump of Papaya Slip Taming Potion to your fingers as you wrap the sections of hair will create a stronger hold and smoother finish.


Frizz occurs when hair swells due to excess moisture intake from the atmosphere. It raises the hair cuticles which in turn affects your curls’ shape and definition.  By following a good styling regimen and curl care routine your clients will minimise this common curl concern.

Curl Type

Hair typing classifies hair texture based on the curl pattern, density, width, and porosity. In its simplest form: Wavy hair is type 2a, 2b and 2c. Curly hair is type 3a 3b and 3c. Coily hair is type 4a, 4b and 4c.

We have taken a more simplistic approach to hair/curl typing. Trepadora specifies curl type by Wavy, Curly, Tightly Spiralled and Coily. Our products work across all curl types effectively.


This is an ingredient used to promote water retention in your curls by drawing moisture from the air. The result? Soft, bouncy curls that retain their shape and are less likely to break.

L.O.C Method

L.O.C, is an acronym that stands for Leave-In, Oil and Cream. It is a three-step method of applying products to curly hair in order to help the hair retain as much moisture as possible, for as long as possible, between washes.

Protein Treatments

Protein treatments replace the protein that may have been lost through manipulation, chemical processing or from ageing. Trepadora uses hydrolysed quinoa in our Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner which forms a protective barrier around your curls providing powerful essential nutrients.