Cutting-Edge Aesthetics

The core subsidiary of global powerhouse Sisram Medical, Alma, is a leading provider of energy-based medical aesthetics solutions. In this exclusive editorial, we find out about their cutting-edge technologies that are being delivered across more than 90 countries worldwide and the benefits it can offer.

Over the course of two decades, Alma has acquired a significant, wide-ranging knowledge base that is backed by clinical evidence, proven expertise, and real-life data.

It is this knowledge, and the experts behind it, that empowers the company’s technologies and product development processes, and enables Alma to stay at the forefront of technology.

The continuous innovation is industry leading with the shortest time to market averaging one to two years rather than the usual three to four year industry standard.

The latest pioneering technology from Alma, OpusTM, is a dedicated radiofrequency platform delivering a completely tailored treatment for facial skin tightening and resurfacing. For refined contours and a youthful glow.

Teresa Tarmey, renowned for her knowledge on skin care and for being the former Dior Beauty Global skin expert has been the pioneer in launching Alma’s new device, Opus™.

Utilising Alma’s patented unipolar radiofrequency, OpusTM enables deeper skin penetration and faster, homogenous thermal effects for new collagen stimulation. Together with the OpusTM Plasma® applicator, it addresses a variety of skin quality and texture concerns from minor to complex, all with incredible results. The synergy of the two modalities together creates enhanced tightening and resurfacing with little to no down time.

Alma’s continuous commitment to being a trusted brand, recognised by practitioners and consumers isn’t just evident by this new product launch, but also by the recent news that Kate Hudson is their new brand ambassador.

The long-term partnership aims to emphasise the empowerment of natural beauty, with Alma committed to delivering safe, effective, and evidence-based solutions. The actress and entrepreneur will be featured in a brand-new campaign themed “Beyond the Trend,” highlighting reliable aesthetic solutions over fleeting trends and fads.

“Partnering with Alma feels incredibly natural because we share the same passion,” said Kate Hudson.

“I’ve personally experienced Alma’s Harmony and Accent Prime (PrimeX) treatments, and what I really like about them is that I could visually see the results on my skin. Alma’s dedication to promoting aesthetic solutions that enhance natural beauty truly resonates with me. I believe in empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own bodies, and Alma makes it happen.”

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