DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin: Regenerative skincare developed by Swiss dermatologist

DECALYS, the renowned skincare brand founded by Zurich-based dermatologist Dr Valérie Enderlin, introduces its new line: DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin. This new line of skincare products was developed to boost the self-regenerative powers of the skin for a healthy and radiant skin. DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin is based on the experience and research of the DECALYS Medical’s scar care line.


From Dermatology to Cosmetics

As a board-certified dermatologist specialising in dermatological surgery, Dr. Enderlin has extensive knowledge of the healing and regeneration of skin, particularly after medical procedures. Running her own practice, the Decamed Skin and Laser Centre, she’s an authority on laser treatments and operations on the skin. What she missed in her practice, was a dedicated line of products for the prevention and treatment of scars in the context of medical interventions. This led Dr. Enderlin to develop her own line scar care products:  DECALYS Medical.


An Innovative Scar Care Concept

DECALYS Medical consists of four products: LE BAUME – Lightweight Cream, LA POMMADE – Rich Ointment, LE GEL – Silicone Scar Gel, and CICAFILM – Transparent Silicone Scar Patches. The products for skin application, are Swiss Made, while the complementary CICAFILM patches are manufactured by a specialist company in France.

The Science Behind DECALYS Medical

DECALYS Medical stimulates skin regeneration through a specific combination of active ingredients. Crucially, it implements the most recent scientific findings on the skin’s remarkable ability to recycle cell components. This process is known as autophagy. Contrary to the popular belief that  that old cells are being discarded (“detoxification”), cells are in fact regenerated through autophagy. The patent-pending Alpha 3-Complex®, a specific combination of active ingredients of DECALYS Medical products has been developed applying these findings.


Introducing DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin: Elevating Everyday Skincare to the next Level

Building upon the success of DECALYS Medical, Dr. Enderlin now extends her expertise to everyday skincare with DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin. This product line uses a straightforward approach – effective skincare routine is simple with DECALYS Dr Enderlin four Product ranges:

– CLEANSING – cleanses, exfoliates and prepares.

– MOISTURIZING – moisturizes, hydrates and revitalizes.

– PROTECTION – protects, detoxes and comforts.

– REGENERATION – regenerates, firms and lifts.

All DECALYS Dr. Enderlin products are dermatologically tested, and just like their predecessors, they are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.


DECALYS – Swiss Innovation

DECALYS® is a brand of Decacel Laboratoires SA, the Dr Enderlin’s company which develops and manufactures the DECALYS Medical and DECALYS Dr. Enderlin products. Its headquarters are located next to Dr. Enderlin’s Decamed Skin and Laser Centre, and the Decaspa institute for medical beauty in Zurich, Switzerland.


Unlock the Potential of Healthy Skin

DECALYS by Dr. Enderlin has the aim to revolutionise skincare. With its foundation on scientific innovation and its Swiss commitment to excellence, DECALYS invites salons across the UK to embark on a journey of skincare transformation. Embrace Swiss-made quality, backed by Dr. Valérie Enderlin’s credentials, and discover the secrets to a radiant, healthy skin.


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