Déesse PRO’s recent trip to Vegas for the Cosmetic Surgery Conference

Déesse, the global leading innovators in skincare technology, showcased their latest innovation, EOS-X to leading doctors, dermatologists, and surgeons during the renowned Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference taking place 30th May – 1st June.

Market leaders in LED light technology, Déesse offered exclusive previews of EOS-X, the strongest professional-grade, FDA and medically cleared LED mask on the market, allowing US experts to experience the brand’s revolutionary technology firsthand. The hardshell mask, for both face and decollete, utilises multi-level biostimulation through five clinically proven wavelengths to treat with medical modes designed for acne and anti-ageing, and skin conditions such as pigmentation, and rosacea.

 Harvard-trained dermatologists Dr. Rishi Chopra, MD and Dr. Raheel Zubair, MD who were in attendance expressed keen interest in EOS-X, particularly in validating green light benefits. Both doctors have invited Dèesse to collaborate at their research facilities, presenting an incredible opportunity to secure evidence-based studies from respected MD’s. In addition, Professor Bob Khanna, a well-regarded expert in his field, also expressed interest, promising another exciting avenue for collaboration.

Katie Hughes-Dawkins, Global Head of Engagement & Relations and Lotti Tyson, Global Head of Brand at Déesse expressed their enthusiasm for the event, commenting “we are delighted to have established these key partnerships which are integral to furthering the credibility of Dèesse PRO. We look forward to setting the stage for significant advancements in skincare technology and sharing further updates as these collaborations progress.”

Distributed and wholly owned by Harpar Grace International, EOS-X has launched in the UK & USA, ahead of a more comprehensive European roll-out in the summer. It is the brand’s first platform delivery system, a multi-modality device that future Déesse wavelength and wellbeing products will be integrated with.