Did you hear the NOISE?

NOISE kicked off with a bang on the evening of Saturday 13th October in London’s trendy Shoreditch area. The night represented an exciting new approach to hairdressing and the guerilla event took the hairdressing industry by storm. Saco, X-Presion, Tim Hartley and Peter Gray came together to share their knowledge and inject energy into the hairdressing world, aiming to push the industry forward and take hairdressing to a new level of creativity.


The location was kept a top secret until the very last moment to give the event a spontaneous flash mob feel and the night was staged in an edgy graffiti-covered warehouse. NOISE set out to capture the attention of all the senses with videos projected onto the walls, music blasted out and the drinks flowing. The driving force behind this event was to provide more than just another catwalk show, with each of the presenters taking to the stage and explaining to the audience their influences and inspiration, from architecture and fashion, to politics and history. They encouraged everyone to get involved, to take photos and share the information in real time on Facebook and Twitter.

NOISE was a soiree for the 21st Century with live hairdressing demonstrations, showcasing the latest looks and techniques. Tim Hartley created eye-catching examples of contrast, colour and texture – juxtaposing smooth, sleek hair with wild, textured hair pieces for a whole new definition of beauty. X-Presion experimented with textures, interweaving threads into the hair, crimping, playing with disconnection, varying lengths from close shaves to long lengths, showcasing both overall colours and dyed in roots. Peter Gray kept everyone guessing by presenting the models, cutting their hair then whipping it off to reveal they were wigs! Coloured panels, severe shapes and shaved detailing made for a hard-hitting effect, fitting in with their powerful political inspiration. The Saco team focused on colour and movement – simple over-all black tones formed a base and as the models moved, flashes of bold blue, red and yellow colours were revealed to add a three-dimensional feel to the hair.


The night certainly got everyone talking, with Facebook and Twitter buzzing with images and messages from the inspired crowd. NOISE really was something to shout about.