Discover NEW IGORA VIBRANCE from Schwarzkopf Professional – our Demi-Permanent Colour Line Offering even MORE!

With an infinite colour palette, multiple service opportunities, flexible applications and ever-evolving techniques, IGORA VIBRANCE is THE brand for hairdressers who never stop exploring, evolving, and creating – and it just got even better!

 As #partnersincraft, Schwarzkopf Professional is dedicated to the needs of the modern hairdresser, providing them with the tools they need to make every salon service a success. As the demands of their clients shift and change, so too must the products hairdressers rely on to bring their creativity to life. Today’s clients want vibrant colour – minus the commitment of permanent colouration – and the freedom to try new looks. All with the reassurance that their hair will be protected from damage. 

IGORA VIBRANCE enables hairdressers to deliver on these promises and MORE! Schwarzkopf Professional understands that there is always #MORETOCREATE and IGORA VIBRANCE is here to make that happen! 


With its ammonia-free liquid formula – that can transform into a gel or cream – IGORA VIBRANCE has always enabled hairdressers to do MORE for their clients. This is true no matter the client’s hair type, as IGORA VIBRANCE’s formula is also suitable for wavy, curly, and coily hair, preserving curl pattern and bounce while maintaining moisture balance and adding shine. The latest upgrades build on this versatility with MORE Services, MORE Shades, MORE Care, MORE Sustainability than before while providing the SAME trusted performance:

  • MORE Services – full flexibility ensures more service options for all hair types
  • MORE Shades – 4 new natural and 8 new blonde pastel shades to complement the existing portfolio including the highly anticipated 10-series and cater to the looks today’s clients are asking for
  • MORE Care – new FIBREBOND Technology added to all blonde toners, for minimised hair breakage during blonding services
  • MORE Sustainability – recycled plastic and recycled paper packaging is designed to be fully recyclable*
  • SAME Trusted Performance – thanks to the iconic formula offering up to 100% MORE shine


In addition to the existing Moisture Protecting Complex with AQUAXYL, all IGORA VIBRANCE blonde toners now contain FIBREBOND Technology to reduce hair breakage by protecting hair from deep within. The combination of actives deeply penetrates the hair during the oxidative process, and protects the hair bonds to maintain the hair’s strength and elasticity. IGORA blondes have never looked healthier! 


To demonstrate how there is so much #MORETOCREATE with the NEW IGORA VIBRANCE, Schwarzkopf Professional has identified three key salon services with high commercial appeal, creating perfect examples of how demi-permanent colouration can boost salon business! To highlight the versatility of these contemporary looks, Schwarzkopf Professional has partnered with eight guest Hair Artists and Ambassadors to showcase their own interpretations of each colour service.  

Colour Service #1 – Colour Melt

 The Colour Melt service is a classic Dual Application, with IGORA ROYAL on the roots and IGORA VIBRANCE on the lengths and ends. For their take on the Colour Melt, Brendnetta Ashley creates a crimson balayage on curly hair by pre-lightening with BLONDME Clay Lightener and applying IGORA ROYAL at the roots before blending three shades of IGORA VIBRANCE through lengths and ends. The result? A seamless, yet vibrant red colour melt to enliven natural coils.

“IGORA VIBRANCE is for all types of hair texture – straight, wavy, curly and coily. Hair not only looks better but feels better too!”

– Brendnetta Ashley (@edgybgirl)

  Schwarzkopf Professional US Digital Artistic Team

Colour Service #2 – Glossing

The Glossing colour service involves a full head application of IGORA VIBRANCE to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down, or intensify natural or colour-treated hair. This service was interpreted in four different ways, demonstrating the amazing versatility of demi-permanent colouration.

 Glossing – Lesley Jennison

Using IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS to pre-lighten, Lesley then glosses with two shades of IGORA VIBRANCE, a light milk brown and a soft beige blonde. The result is a cool-toned, sun-kissed look.

“I love the versatility of IGORA VIBRANCE, there are so many ways for us to use it in the salon every single day.”

– Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison)

Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador

 Glossing – Aleksandar Dramicanin

Aleksander adds fiery dimension to red tresses by pre-lightening with IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS before glossing with two shades of IGORA VIBRANCE, creating a subtle root melt with lighter, brighter ends.

“My clients love to change their hair colour and IGORA VIBRANCE colours allow us to change their shades seasonally.”

– Aleksandar Dramicanin (@aleksandar_dramicanin)

Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador – Serbia

 Glossing – Maggie Hancock

By pre-lightening dark brunette locks, Maggie creates a base for her gloss, using two shades of IGORA VIBRANCE to craft a rich, yet effortlessly dimensional brunette look.

“I love being able to customise the IGORA VIBRANCE formula to each client’s hair type by choosing from either the Activator Lotion or Activator Gel.”

– Maggie Hancock (@maggiemh)

Schwarzkopf Professional US Digital Artistic Team


Glossing – Linh Phan

Linh uses BLONDME Premium Lightener to pre-lighten face-framing sections before glossing with IGORA VIBRANCE, creating a peek-a-boo pink colour pop around the face.

“IGORA VIBRANCE tones are so vivid, leaving my clients’ hair shiny, glossy, and vibrant.”

– Linh Phan (@bescene)

Schwarzkopf Professional US Digital Artistic Team

Colour Service #3 – Lived-In Blonde

For the Lived-In Blonde colour service, a soft and delicate blend of darker roots combines with lighter mid-lengths and ends, resulting in a high-impact, low-maintenance colour result. A stunning effortless natural or bolder look that gives dimension to the hair with the versatility to match various skin tones.


Lived-In Blonde – Shawna Russell

After creating foil highlights using IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS, Shawna creates a timeless look using two shades of IGORA VIBRANCE for a subtle shadow root and extra dimension through the lengths and ends.

“I use the IGORA VIBRANCE lotion for a root tap or shadow root in a bowl application, followed by the gel activator with a bottle application for glossing any blonde – this gives the perfect lived-in blonde look.”

– Shawna Russell (@hairbyshawna_russell)

Lived-In Blonde – Maria Roberts

 Beautifully highlighting the many forms blonde can take, Maria pre-lightens a naturally dark brunette with BLONDME Premium Lightener and a balayage technique before glossing with IGORA VIBRANCE to create the perfect “bronde”.

“I love using IGORA VIBRANCE! The colours, texture, and the application process… it’s incredibly fast and easy.”

– Maria Roberts (@mariaroberts25)

Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador – Spain


Lived-In Blonde – Grace Dalgleish

Grace pre-lightens all the way to platinum before toning with IGORA VIBRANCE to create a playful peachy blonde that’s equally eye-catching and effortless.

“IGORA VIBRANCE gives me complete creative freedom to create bespoke lived-in blondes.”

– Grace Dalgleish (@gracedalgleishx)

Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artist

IGORA VIBRANCE Online & Digital: 

Committed to being a hairdresser’s Partner in Craft, Schwarzkopf Professional’s collaboration with guest Hair Artists and Ambassadors enables hairdressers to recreate eight contemporary IGORA VIBRANCE looks step-by-step, helping them to develop new service offerings in their salon and deliver the looks today’s clients are asking for.


All IGORA VIBRANCE product and education information can be found on the Schwarzkopf Professional website:

To keep up with IGORA VIBRANCE and the very latest in hair trends, follow @SchwarzkopfProUK on social media along with the #MOREVIBRANCE and #schwarzkopfpro hashtags.

The IGORA VIBRANCE upgraded assortment will be available from Febuary 2024.