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DMK Skin Co is the UK distributor for the revolutionary Danné Montague-King Paramedical Treatments developed for advanced Skin Revision.

Jessika’s Story

“The DMK treatments and the daily regime using DMK home care products, which work hand in hand, have changed my life. I’ve been undergoing treatments for a year and have seen a substantial difference in the quality and overall health of my skin. I am now able to hold my head up in public and socialise with my friends, which I found it difficult to do before.

Danné, you are one of my heroes. I constantly think about your determination to develop a solution for this dreadful skin disorder. I honour your tenacity and integrity in never allowing acne to defeat you – and now us!”

DMK the leading choice for practitioners

DMK skin treatments provide results and satisfied clients with all skin types. Each treatment for each client is bespoke. DMK provide Advanced Training to develop therapists’ skills and treatment capability and seven-day Support. Achieve real, sustainable results with skin conditions such as aging, acne, sun damage, pigmentation and scarring.

Danné’s revolutionary concept of ‘Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain’ is the foundation for DMK’s unique skin treatments, with a range of treatments and products designed to help the skin to revert to a more youthful healthy skin condition. All products are botanical-based paramedical formulations, which are designed to match the skin’s chemistry.

Visit DMK on stand P31 at Pro Beauty and take advantage of the exclusive show offer and save £300 (plus VAT). DMK is also offering free DMK Foundation Training at its Ascot Training Centre, located with 25 acres of beautiful woodland, as well as the chance to win DMK gift sets.

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Stand: P31