Dr. Leah Totton reveals the story behind her new London clinic

The Apprentice winner Dr. Leah Totton reveals what motivates her in business (and it isn’t money, Lord Sugar)


TSM: How does it feel to finally see the first Dr. Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic open and ready to treat clients?

LT: Today has literally been non-stop! It’s so exciting but overwhelming to see all the hard work finally coming together.

TSM: Why did you choose London’s Moorgate as a location?

LT: We wanted to be in the city but we also wanted to make sure that the location was accessible. People shouldn’t have to go to Harley Street to receive clinical excellence.

TSM: Who is your target market?

LT: Everyone – we don’t have a specific client in mind as we believe that we’re able to offer something for everyone. We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of males wanting to make bookings so far. We also have a range of facials for younger women in their early 20s that aren’t at the point of wanting more advanced procedures.

TSM: How many medical professionals do you have working for you?

LT: At the moment I have five doctors in the clinic and one nurse. I will also be administering treatments while running the business and working one day a week with the NHS.

TSM: Which treatments do you expect to be most popular?

LT: Botox will always be popular as it’s the most booked aesthetic service in the UK. We’re also expecting to do a lot of fillers; lip enhancements are something I do a lot of and enjoy the most. You can get such fantastic and natural results. What you’re aiming for subtlety and nothing that’s too overly enhanced. That’s really what the clinic is all about.

TSM: Is there anything on your menu that people might not of heard about yet?

LT: We’re the only clinic offering the medical version of the 3D Lipomed treatment. This has proved to be very popular so far and is very good for fat reduction and cellulite. We also offer the Dr. Leah Bespoke Facial, which is tailored for the unique needs of that particular client. We wanted to offer unique treatments that people wanted while utilising the most advanced technology.

TSM: Apart from the financial backing, how has winning The Apprentice helped with the launch?

LT: When I was training to become a doctor I became very interested in aesthetic treatments and quickly realised that it’s an area that needs regulating properly. The Apprentice gave me a platform to shine a light on the industry. We’re constantly reading about botched fillers and procedures; the other day I was shocked to hear about teenagers aged 16 and 17 being offered Botox as part of an undercover exposé by one of the tabloids. So this entire journey, for me, has been about highlighting the dangers and then setting up a brand that people can really trust. What I’m doing is championing regulations for the entire industry. I’m not motivated by money – what motivates me is setting the right standards.

TSM: How has your medical background helped you create a solid business model?

LT: People often ask for my advice on business and I always tell them the same thing: you need to have core knowledge of your sector. I’ve spent almost eight years training in medicine and that’s been crucial, not only for administering treatments in the correct way, but also for understanding the industry as a whole and the need for change. I hope the fact that I’m a doctor gives me credibility and a voice; that combined with the platform of The Apprentice will hopefully mean that I can campaign for safety and see changes made.

TSM: How do you plan to grow the business in the future?

LT: The key thing at the moment is to make sure that the clinic in Moorgate is everything we want it to be as a flagship. After that we also have plans to launch a new skincare range, which will be out this summer. We will stock this in the clinic but we’ll also be pitching to other major retailers. Looking further into the future, we’d love to expand geographically. But for now it’s all about getting the first clinic absolutely perfect.