Driven By Results

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Valérie Enderlin, Founder of DECALYS Switzerland, we learn about how her career in medicine fuelled her drive to create a results-driven skincare brand.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background in medicine.
My career in medicine has been a remarkable voyage spanning over two decades, rooted in the pursuit of understanding and addressing the diverse aspects of skin health and its regenerative power. I have worked in various reputable medical institutions, and now lead my own practice in Zurich, where I have expanded my knowledge and skills in the field of dermatology. My passion for dermatology extends beyond the clinic. It has driven me to venture into the realm of skincare innovation, leading to the establishment of Decacel Laboratoires SA and the DECALYS Switzerland brand.

How has your medical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit inspired the range of products?
My journey as a skin surgeon has been instrumental in shaping my perspective on skincare. It all began when I realised that there was a significant gap in the market for dermatological products aimed at scar treatment and prevention. Nothing available met the rigorous standards I hold for my practice and my patients. So, I embarked on an exciting journey of research and innovation.

In 2021, this journey bore fruit with the birth of DECALYS Medical, our expert line for scar care. At the heart of this line lies the unique Alpha 3-Complex®—a trio of components designed to stimulate the skin’s cellular regeneration process. This innovative approach to promoting skin regeneration not only sets DECALYS Medical apart in the realm of scar treatment but also lays the foundation for the care of healthy skin.

Building upon this principle, in 2023, we introduced DECALYS Dr. Enderlin, an innovative line of skincare products. The inspiration for these products emerged from the confluence of my medical expertise and my entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a commitment to redefine skincare standards.

How can the range elevate a salon business?
DECALYS presents a unique opportunity for salon businesses seeking to elevate their services quality and offerings to a professional and medical level. We understand that the salon industry is constantly evolving, with clients increasingly seeking advanced solutions that deliver not just cosmetic results, but actual transformative experiences. This is where DECALYS comes into play, offering a range of highly potent, professionally crafted skincare products charged with ground breaking innovation.

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