Dyson 2024 Trends & Predictions

Dyson spokespeople:
Giles Morgan, Senior Category Engineer, RDD Design Engineering, Dyson


As the year draws to a close, the promise of 2024 brings with it new trends and factors that might impact businesses and their decision making as well as end-user demand. Dyson Professional is looking to the year ahead and predicts what trends will be prevalent in the year to come.


Cost of Living

With the cost-of-living crisis not relenting, Brits are being forced to make further cuts to their expenses and are having to be more careful of what they spend their more limited disposable income on. With that in mind, a visit to the hairdresser is among one of the expenditures that has been hit the hardest.

UK hair salons are among the independent retailers most negatively affected by rising energy prices, debts acquired during pandemic era closures, taxes, and lowered consumer visits. The numbers of salons in the UK fell by 527 last year, which is the biggest decrease in ten years, with 1,500 fewer hair salons on the high street than a decade ago.


In response to this, salon professionals are feeling the need to do more to give consumers the ‘perfect’ salon experience to get them through their doors, and to keep coming back. Part of this is providing a full, luxury customer experience, from refreshments offered to products used. As prices are set to stay high, this trend will continue.


Quiet and Quick

Within the salon experience, it is important to use a quiet product. Quieter tools can allow for a more relaxing and enjoyable salon experience for clients, with the chance to chat to their stylist and properly discuss their hair requirements during the appointment. Therefore, having a quieter tool can help facilitate that and enhance the client’s experience whilst ensuring that they are happy with the work being done throughout.

A faster working tool can also enable professionals to book in more appointments by shortening each session. Having faster changeovers between clients can help support the salon industry as many struggle with rising operating costs due to less appointments.

Prioritising a quiet and quick salon experience is both beneficial to professionals and clients, creating a more comfortable and efficient environment, and we expect to see this more in the next year as new tools on the market support this.

Consumer Needs

There has been a rise in consumer trends and online hair hacks in the last few years. With the accelerated rise of social media, in particular TikTok, there is more access than before to educational content with individuals sharing personal and professional advice for others to follow at home and bring to the salon.

Hair is unique to each individual and there are a multitude of hair textures, with sub-types under the three main natural textures. And each of these require its own specific treatment, from tension when drying to temperature and products used.

According to an independent study, out of 35,000 registered hair salons in the UK, only 302 cater for coily and natural hair textures. Keeping up with consumer needs by ensuring that salons are fitted with the tools that are made for different hair types and styles will benefit both professionals and clients. There are already products on the market that can aid with this, in particular, Dyson technology is engineers for all hair types, meaning clients are left with healthier hair and an improved experience.

Those with few options for hairdressers that use suitable products for their hair type will be attracted to those hairdressers who do use these, and clients will receive the high-quality service they are looking for. We can expect to see professionals taking more care to provide services to a wider range of clients to meet the consumer demand and gap in the market.


Natural Beauty

Following the years of lockdown, we have seen a more natural trend take the beauty world by storm from the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ to the ‘curly girl method’; it has become a popular topic on social media recently. As part of this, hair health has taken centre stage. People are becoming more aware and focused on their hair type and how to best look after it, and temperature control is an important factor in maintaining hair in good condition to avoid excessive heat damage.

Using hot tools often has always been advised against to prevent damage, with a multitude of heat protector products readily available on the market. However, through advances in technology, modern hair tools are fitted with temperature sensors that control the temperature for you and never get hot enough to cause lasting damage to hair. The Dyson Supersonic™ professional hair dryer measure the air temperature over 40 times a second to regulate the heat and prevent extreme heat damage. This product goes one-step further, using attachments that are engineered for better hair health, such as the gentle air attachment. Adapting to support customers’ demand to protect their hair health can play an important part in attracting and retaining clients, especially as the importance placed on enhancing natural beauty is set to continue into 2024.

Dyson’s global styling ambassador Larry King echoes these trends, describing how having the right professional hair care tools is essential in creative those ‘on trend’ looks, “Today, my clients are much more interested in maintaining the condition of their hair between salon visits. With greater exposure to information about hair health, they’re taking it on board with their day-to-day haircare and styling routines. In the present day, hair health is reflected in trends such as the undone wave, the popularity of the classic, bouncy blow dry, and the progression of the natural hair movement.   I’ve seen more people move away from extreme heat styling; they’re wanting more protective styles or ‘lived in’ looks that can last a couple of days without too many touch ups, or it’s about making the hair look as smooth, shiny and healthy as possible.  “



Consumers often look to use the products that their hairdressers use because of the experience they’ve had in the salon. When getting your hair done professionally, who wouldn’t want to recreate those results at home?

Clients will trust their hairdressers to have professional knowledge on the tools and products used to achieve these amazing results, and they may even have access to products that are not readily available in your local healthcare and beauty retailers. In fact, hairdressers are one of the five most trusted professions in the UK[5]. Professionals have the direct access to clients to share their insider knowledge with them and fully explain the benefits of particular products, providing tailored and personal advice.

The right tools can make all the difference in bringing that professional touch to your daily routine. Especially as the cost of living continues to bite, consumers are less likely to visit a hairdresser for regular styling and so are looking for ways to have similar results at home.



On the other hand, professionals also want products that are designed and created by their peers. Equipment is required to last longer than those used by consumers, as they will in operation multiple times every day, as opposed to on occasion.

Having the right products to hand that are designed with professional use in mind is crucial for hairdressers to be able to use their skills effectively. Investing in professional equipment that is purposefully engineered for consistent and regular use can last longer and therefore prove to be more cost effective in the long term. We are seeing more professionals looking for that stamp of approval from industry experts, and that level of expert quality is sure to continue to be a priority in the years to come.