Easydry calculates its contribution to water conservation for World Water Week

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To mark World Water Week, Easydry has calculated that its partner salons across the UK and Ireland have saved more than 45 million litres of water in the past 12 months alone by choosing its eco-friendly disposable towels.

This means that Easydry partner salons not only have lower water and energy costs, but have also contributed to the preservation of an increasingly precious commodity.

“Drought continues to be a huge worldwide problem,” says creator Anne Butterly. “Even in Britain, where we are fortunate, despite the scorching summer, to have avoided this crippling problem, water is becoming more and more scarce, and therefore more expensive. And it’s only going to get worse.”

As Water Week starts, California residents and businesses are facing water cut-offs and are being told to slash water use by 20 per cent. In Australia, drought is once again in the headlines, with agriculture, including cotton, the biggest loser.

But with increasing numbers of salons worldwide waking up to the benefits of Easydry for their clients and their business, at least the hairdressing industry is doing its bit to conserve water.

“Besides actually saving water and money in the salon by not having to wash towels, the unique production of Easydry towels consumes tiny amounts of water thanks to its technologically advanced processes,” says Butterly. “Our towels are helping our partner salons develop sustainable businesses so they will be less affected as water becomes even scarcer and prices rise.”

Since she invented eco-friendly disposable towels for the hair industry, EasyDry’s founder has gone on to develop a whole range of water-friendly drying solutions for salons including towels in a range of sizes, along with capes and gowns.