Educate to elevate

In an exclusive interview with Samantha Kendrew, Head of Education at the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy, we explore their training courses designed for all levels, to build expertise and confidence.

Please introduce us to the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy.

The Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy launched in 2018 and we continue to uphold Susan’s commitment to education within our special industry. We help nurture talent, focus our delegate’s drive and encourage enthusiasm to help shape the future of the beauty industry. We offer both brand and treatment training for our range of premium professional beauty products, supported by award-winning customer care and inspiring education.

In a competitive industry, it’s vital for beauty professionals to expand on their qualifications to stand out. How can the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy elevate a beauty professional’s skills?

Our academy is an accredited HABIA Centre of Expertise, being launched out of a love of the industry and helping therapists enhance an existing skill set. The way to make yourself stand out is to make sure you are an expert in your field, constantly adding to your treatment offering and refining a skill set to give yourself a niche area of expertise. Our training helps mould well-rounded and inspired therapists.

Training can be daunting for a beauty professional starting out in the industry, does the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy offer courses for all levels of expertise?

We offer courses for all levels of expertise, whether someone is just starting out and wants to refine their existing skill set, or a more experienced therapist that wants to diversify into more advanced treatments such as Microneedling or Dermaplaning. As long as they have a recognised beauty qualification, we can help. Our goal is to build experience, expertise and confidence in themselves and their work.

Training is important for experienced professionals to expand on their existing skills, does the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy offer training for more experienced professionals?

We offer advanced training via our collaboration with tpot (the power of touch) in helping therapists offer much needed treatments to those living with and beyond cancer. Our Microneedling and Dermaplanning courses are popular for those who want to offer more advanced facial treatments.

Where can beauty professionals attend the training academy?

Our flagship academy is in Borehamwood, however, we also offer virtual training and in-salon training nationwide. We want to ensure training in our brands is accessible wherever you are.

How can professionals market the accreditation after attending the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy?

We recommend adding it to your CV, LinkedIn or other professional profiles and if you have a website, make sure you showcase what you have achieved. We suggest not posting the full certificate but rather a badge or a simple sentence such as “accredited by” as the certificate can be easily copied from an online setting. If you have a salon, frame your accreditations. Your hard work should be celebrated and showcased.