Education charity first to offer guidance to hairdressers on how to talk to clients experiencing bereavement and grief, as part of Hair Raising 23.

Project Eileen, the registered charity founded to proactively help teenagers cope with bereavement, death and grief, which provides schools with free multimedia teaching resources on these important topics, is calling on salons, stylists and barbers to support its  Hair Raising 23 campaign which runs from Saturday 14th to Saturday 28th October 2023.

As part of Hair Raising 23, Project Eileen has produced an exclusive Fact Sheet for hairdressers and barbers with practical advice on how to talk to clients who are experiencing bereavement and grief. The charity is aware that many people depend on their hairdresser or barber for sharing their issues, and very often their grief following bereavement or other life-changing events. To get involved in Hair Raising 23 and receive the Fact Sheet, salons and barbershops should email

The Fact Sheet, the first of its kind in the hairdressing industry, includes details of the support bereaved people say they would like to receive from other people, examples of helpful things to say and things to avoid saying to clients, as well as information on the process of grieving and emotions involved.

Every salon and barbershop taking part in Hair Raising 23 will be provided with a campaign pack containing the Fact Sheet and a video guide on how to talk to bereaved customers, promotional material, and a laminated QR code to enable people to donate easily to the charity. Project Eileen will promote on social media all barbers and hairdressers taking part in Hair Raising 23 with logos and photos. Participant businesses are asked to encourage clients to spread the word about Project Eileen’s work and follow the charity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Andrew Barton, Celebrity Hairdresser, Hon Doc D Arts, and Patron of Project Eileen said: “There are many personal conversations that happen in the salon with clients. I know I can speak for hairdressers in general that we are not trained how to deal with the conversation of bereavement. Project Eileen, of which I’m delighted to be Patron, will help many of us in the industry by providing practical guidance on how to navigate those tricky but important chats with clients.”