Embassy salon helps 10 year old Sammie donate her hair for Little Princess Trust


Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Embassy salon recently welcomed 10 year old local, Sammie Rubery, and cut her a sleek modern bob as she donated her locks to the Little Princess Trust.

Salon co-owner, Joel Thompson, gave Sammie the Embassy treatment as she sacrificed 10 inches of her hair to the charity that provides real-hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

Sammie was inspired to raise money for the cause after learning about wig making through her mother’s friend’s cancer battle.

She said, “I donated my hair to raise money for the charity, but I did feel a little sad when I held the hair that got cut off. I looked at myself in the mirror and love my fantastic new hairstyle, and I’ve raised £450 so far, more than it takes to make one wig for the charity.”

To donate, visit Justgiving.com/LittlePrincessSammie