Empowering Beauty

As they have taken the industry by storm, we wanted the inside scoop. In this exclusive piece, we learn more about Supercilium’s extensive brow range, the history that fuelled the brand’s passion and the treatments their products can offer to your salon.

The Vision Behind Supercilium

As a Brow Artist, Manouk de Vries witnessed the struggle women faced embracing their natural beauty. This revelation ignited the founding spark of Supercilium, driven by a mission to empower women and provide a platform for their distinctive self-expression. Supercilium transcends standardised beauty ideals, focusing on character and individuality.

Recognising the transformative power of strong eyebrows in nurturing confidence, Manouk’s brand resonates with skilled Brow Artists in over 90 countries. The Supercilium community thrives on education and innovation, evident through their dynamic online academy that educates hundreds each month.

Manouk’s passion continues to drive Supercilium’s growth. Together, with her brow community, she developed the innovative DSC Technique: Define. Sculpt. Control. This is a three-step approach to achieve any desired brow look with simplicity. The specially crafted brow makeup line serves as a valuable tool for brow artists, facilitating upselling opportunities. Additionally, it empowers enthusiasts to replicate professional techniques at home, ensuring a meticulously styled eyebrow appearance.

Pioneering Evolving Beauty Trends in Brows and Lashes

The world of beauty is an ever-shifting canvas, each brushstroke of innovation and style adding to its vibrant tapestry. Amidst this dynamic landscape, the journey of eyebrows and lashes has evolved into an art form, an expression of individuality that resonates with changing times and diverse audiences. Supercilium, a beacon of creativity and adaptability, stands at the forefront of this evolution, seamlessly aligning with emerging trends and empowering beauty professionals to craft masterpieces that captivate.

A Palette of Versatility

The allure of brow dye and lamination lies in the artistry of application. A touch here, a technique there, and the same products can transform into an array of brow looks and trends. Brow artists skilfully manipulate their strokes into fine layers, creating a graceful interplay that enhances brows with natural sophistication and a captivating ombre aesthetic.

An intriguing revelation emerges: the infusion of the Nourishing Elixir, the third step in brow lamination, into the dyeing ritual. The elixir, applied prior to tinting the brow hairs, proves transformative – Supercilium adopted this trick from pioneering brow experts. Every brow artist should consider incorporating this into their routine as it delicately minimises dye penetration into the hair cuticle, resulting in an exquisite natural tinted look.

Trends in Focus

Fluffy Brows: Laminated brows are here to stay; the demand for full, voluminous brows is resounding, garnering increasing popularity across all the countries where we operate. Initially, brows were brushed prominently upwards, however, a refined approach has emerged, with the emphasis shifting towards a polished method of enhancing brow volume. This is achieved by meticulously brushing the brows at a precise 90-degree angle, creating a sophisticated result.

Thin Brows: Emanating a nostalgic homage to the 90s, the charm of thin brows endures as an everlasting fashion statement. While this specific look can be captivating and evocative, it’s crucial to approach it with care when it comes to tweezing – overzealous plucking can lead to irreversible loss of precious brow hairs!

Effortless Brows: Akin to the “no-makeup” makeup look, the “effortless” brow reigns. This style embodies a sense of minimal grooming, often appearing devoid of noticeable brow makeup. However, it’s essential to understand that this subtlety doesn’t imply a lack of effort – rather, it creates the illusion of effortless elegance while still involving meticulous attention.

Bleached Brows: Once reserved for runways and A-list celebrities, the practice of bleaching brows is now emerging in mainstream territory. The allure of this elevated brow aesthetic is gaining wider recognition, and Supercilium wholeheartedly embraces this trend!

Navigating the intricate beauty landscape, Supercilium shines as a beacon of adaptability, unwaveringly dedicated to harmonising products and methods. The mission is to equip beauty professionals with the expertise and tools to conjure artistry that marries trendiness with timelessness.

Mapping a Limitless Future

Supercilium’s legacy lies in their ability to lead and create. It echoes the voices of those who seek innovation and style, combining it with the wisdom of traditional methods. In the realm of brows and lashes, Supercilium unveils possibilities that stretch beyond horizons. With each evolving trend, Supercilium stands ready, a beacon of creativity, innovation, and empowerment.

As we traverse the ever-evolving terrain of beauty, Supercilium leads the way, a timeless guide to the intersection of art and allure.

Brow Henna
The inception of Supercilium began with Brow Henna, a remarkable product that flawlessly tints the skin and dyes the hairs.

Brow & Lash Dye
The prevailing trend of 2022, this hybrid dye offers user-friendly application akin to Brow Henna, but just as versatile.

Brow & Lash Lamination
Embrace the allure of lush, fluffy brows. This dual-purpose kit transforms both brows and lashes, delivering the desirable fullness we all adore.

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