Ena’s Ben Harrison awarded first ever Distinction on completing Ena Apprenticeship

ben harrison
London’s Ena salon has recently awarded apprentice Ben Harrison with the first ever Distinction following his primary presentation as part of the Ena Apprenticeship course.

The Ena Apprenticehip is an integral part of the Holborn salon’s training and is divided into four phases that have been designed to encourage students to progress through their training based on their individual performance.

During the three-year Apprenticeship, students undertake three assessments, including two salon day tests and advanced presentations.

Harrison, who chose to specialise in cutting, held his primary presentation at St Augustine’s Tower in Hackney, London, and showcased creations on 12 models to demonstrate his understanding and execution of precise cutting techniques.

Salon directors, Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, reviewed the presentation, considering factors such as venue, styling, preparation, execution of technique and the organisation of the day.

Othona commented: “Ben’s primary collection was a culmination of three years of hard work and dedication. The sheer amount of work and the supreme level of his cutting skills made this one of the best presentations I have seen in my career and this is the reason he was awarded a Distinction. Ben has set the bar extremely high. We are looking forward to his secondary presentation.”