Evolving Exfoliation Treatment

With self-care remaining a prevalent trend in 2024, facials enable clients to enjoy a sense of well-being while enhancing their skincare routine. The experts at Zemits explain their must-have treatments for your aesthetic business. 

As we age, the natural process of cell regeneration decelerates, causing a delay in the shedding of dead skin cells and the generation of new ones. This sluggish turnover can contribute to dull, rough, and dry skin accumulation as old cells collect on the skin’s surface. Additionally, the build-up of deceased skin cells can increase oil production and block pores, potentially resulting in blemishes and acne.

Proper exfoliation clears the path for skin care products and allows moisturising products to permeate the skin more profoundly, heightening their efficacy. This routine will also enhance the results of any rejuvenation or other treatment. 

Exfoliating facials have always been the industry’s most demanded skin care service, whether an abrasive exfoliator like diamond microdermabrasion or a chemical exfoliator with a combination of safe-for-skin acids that chemically dissolves debris.

Recently, this treatment has become widely available, extending beyond the confines of aesthetic clinics and spas. It has seamlessly integrated itself as an add-on service in hair and beauty salons, massage parlours, and even barbershops, catering to a diverse and expansive audience due to its popularity.

Emerging Trends

The skincare industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards non-invasive, technology-driven treatments. Clients are increasingly pursuing solutions that offer visible results with minimal downtime and discomfort. In this context, hydrodermabrasion has become a preferred choice for effective, gentle, and rejuvenating skin exfoliation treatments.

One of the key trends driving the popularity of hydrodermabrasion is the growing emphasis on personalised skin care. Today’s clients are more informed and discerning, seeking treatments tailored to their specific skin needs and concerns. Hydrodermabrasion’s versatility allows for customisation, treating various skin types and conditions, from acne and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and dehydration. 

Another trend is the shift towards holistic wellness. Clients are not just looking for skin treatments; they seek experiences that contribute to their overall skin health. It’s not just about improving skin appearance; it’s about providing a soothing, pampering experience that clients look forward to.

HydroDiamond Facial: A Revenue Booster for Your Salon Business

Cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines the essential attributes of hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion, offering a distinctive and advanced exfoliation solution.

In the context of the standard protocol for a hydrodermabrasion machine equipped with multiple jars for chemical serums, the peeling solution follows a cyclical path, flowing from the jar onto the skin and returning, laden with impurities and dead cells, to the waste jar.

For effective exfoliation, approximately 100 mL serum per client is a prerequisite. Consequently, the consumable cost for this treatment is notably high, averaging between £25 and £50. To mitigate expenses, some practitioners resort to diluting active serums with mineral water, a cost-saving measure that significantly diminishes the chemical peeling effect.

Furthermore, in the standard hydrodermabrasion process, the serum’s contact with the skin is fleeting, lasting mere seconds. As it reaches the skin surface, the vacuum promptly pulls it away, preventing sufficient time for deep penetration. This time constraint poses a challenge, limiting the potential efficacy of the serum. 

In the HydroDiamond facial protocol, Zemits has implemented several notable changes for an enhanced exfoliation experience. Instead of dispensing the serum from a jar, the new approach involves directly applying the serum to the facial skin using a fan brush. Recommended serums for this method include skin-friendly options like HydraAster, HydroClear, and SalicPure, which are designed to work with the skin without causing excessive dryness.

An essential modification in this protocol is the extended contact time between the serum and the skin during the procedure. In contrast to the classic approach, where the serum interacts with the skin briefly, the HydroDiamond protocol emphasises a prolonged and continuous interaction.  

The strategic application of the serum before the exfoliation treatment serves a dual purpose. Not only does it facilitate a prolonged interaction between the serum and the skin, but it also introduces a soft chemical peeling effect. This gentle peeling action softens the upper layer of dead cells, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the treatment. 

Less than £5 in consumables. Maximising profit

Aesthetic practitioners meticulously craft Zemits HydroDiamond technology to empower beauty salons by optimising costs and delivering exceptional results. Unlike conventional methods, HydroDiamond requires only 5 ml of serum for each exfoliation facial. This cutting-edge technology minimises serum usage by a remarkable 20 times, allowing you to efficiently manage costs and increase profit. The HydroDiamond Facial, on average, takes 20-30 minutes, with an RRP price of £90-£120.