Experts in Skin

In an exclusive interview with Agnes Kuzniak, CEO at Aesthderm, we learn about their scientific-led training courses that deliver effective results to enhance your salon’s service list.

Please introduce us to the brand and what it strives to achieve.

Aesthderm LTD was founded in 2019 and has grown to be a well-recognised training and product provider not only in the UK, but all over the world. We are exclusive distributors of reputable global brands; as well as having launched our own 24K gold luxurious skin care range this year.

Our courses are designed for both medical and non-medical practitioners, to elevate your business by introducing effective treatments. Our most popular training is the Skin Transformation Masterclass, covering skin science and treatment of the most challenging skin conditions such as: rosacea, scars, melasma, skin repair and pre-ageing. All of the treatments are ethical and follow sustainable procedures and our trademark now protects the Skin Transformation phrase, meaning it is exclusive to our company.


In a competitive industry, evolving to include the latest treatments is vital, how does Aesthderm work in line with this?

At Aesthderm our focus is on sustainably driven, responsible, and ethical aesthetic treatments and skincare. To stand out in a competitive market, we are constantly looking for the latest trends to evolve in line with client demands. We only work with the best brands, who have a proven record of delivering the best and safest products and procedures on the UK market. Safety and efficiency is vital in our industry and we are renowned for putting this first which is why so many salons trust us.


Choosing a training provider is an important decision, what makes Aesthderm stand out from others on the market?
We are widely trusted as a professional product provider and recognised for our high-quality training, ongoing support and premium products.

We focus on skin science, with extensive knowledge of the biological and chemical processes occurring in our skin, helping us choose the best ingredients, treatments and protocols. For aspiring professionals to achieve the most effective results, we teach them why certain products work and others don’t. All of our CPD accredited training sessions are provided free of charge with product purchase.


How does Aesthderm support their trainees to ensure success?

Training is the first step to build a relationship with our students. We focus heavily on post-training support, this includes monthly webinars, one-to-one consultations and in-depth product and treatment advice.