Face The World overnight skin – booster serum

Face the World are a new and exciting facial care company who have developed a line of natural yet highly effective products and facial treatments.  Face the World (FTW) has created a facial designed to transcend typical facial experiences.  The facial is carefully choreographed to mood-enhancing music, ensuring all senses are engaged so the experience leaves the client and their skin feeling deeply relaxed, replenished and invigorated.  The facial involves the use of carefully formulated FTW products that pamper the skin without the need for unnecessary chemicals or harsh exfoliators.


All FTW products took over 4 years to develop, were extensively tested on all skin types and are completely cruelty free.  We believe in a holistic approach following the ethos that skin performs at its best when treated kindly and with care.

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our most popular products, which is our Overnight Skin-Booster Serum.  This is the only product that doesn’t feature in the FTW facial, as it’s instead given in sachet form to clients who can take it home and apply it before bed.  However, as our clients have responded so positively to the serum, we’ve decided to release it as an independent product.

All ingredients in our Overnight Skin-Booster Serum are naturally derived and include:


Rosehip Oil – rich in Omega 3 and 6 and the only naturally occurring vegetable oil that contains Vitamin A, this is essential for aiding damage repair and supporting the skins lipid barrier.


Evening Primrose Oil – packed full of essential fatty acids and gamma linoleic acid to aid moisture barrier maintenance and sooth and protect skin.


Wheatgerm Oil – contains high levels of anti-oxidants.


Wheat Seed Extract – fights free radicals and protects skin renewal.


FTW Ceramide Technology Blend – a non-greasy emollient that acts as a carrier for the main actives in this formulation, whilst leaving skin feeling smooth and silky.


Vitamin A – visibly improves overall skin condition.


Vitamin E – One of the most popular skin healers and renowned for its ability to protect skin from environmental damage.


Meadowfoam Oil – one of FTW’s best kept secrets; this unique ingredient extracted from the pretty white flowers has a blend of fatty acids that promote superior skin conditioning.


Shea Butter – one of the best natural moisturising ingredients due to its unique fatty acid content.


We’ve worked hard to create a powerful yet natural serum with carefully selected ingredients that help skin perform at optimum level.  Our clients love it and we hope you will too!