Facing a milestone: Actress Gillian Taylforth is announced as the new Face of Silhouette Soft


Gillian Taylforth

What motivates someone to consider tackling the signs of an ageing face?  It is often a landmark event such as a special anniversary, the wedding of one of our children or the prospect of dating after divorce or bereavement. Fear of being photographed is also a great motivator – as 76 per cent of people revealed in a recent survey by Sinclair IS Pharma. For actress Gillian Taylforth it was her impending 60th birthday!

Now 59 years old and not afraid to admit it, Taylforth has always been meticulously careful to look after her face, thanks to the regular ministrations of the Harley Street Skin Clinic. She looks really good for her age and has avoided any invasive anti-ageing treatments, relying instead on facials, radio frequency toning and a scrupulous skincare routine. Today, however, the popular TV star has been unveiled as the new Face of Silhouette Soft.

Taylforth is probably best known for her portrayal of Kathy Beale in EastEnders between 1985 and 2000, was in The Bill for two years, before taking on the role of Jackie Pascoe-Webb in Footballers’ Wives. She was also a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, in Celebrity Big Brother, has been a Loose Woman and her most recent role was in Hollyoaks, where she played Sandy Roscoe.

Commenting on her motivation to have a Silhouette Soft treatment, Taylforth said: “As I approach my 60th birthday and HD TV improves I am aware that my appearance is scrutinised on television and in the press. I am keen to age appropriately, but I want to look good for my age, too.  However, as an actress it is vital that I have an expressive face – on the small screen it is often the smallest gestures that convey our inner emotions – and, in fact, on my most recent production, the producers would often caution younger actresses about treatments which prevented their faces from moving.”

So having an anti-ageing procedure of her face was approached with great caution by Taylforth.

In January 2015 she was treated by Dr Aamer Khan at the Harley Street Skin Clinic. He explained that “Silhouette Soft is a ground-breaking new treatment which is known as the non-surgical face lift (sometimes known as a one-stitch lift or thread lift). I recommend it to redefine the faces of patients looking for ways to combat sagging jowls and loss of volume in the cheek area – but who don’t want surgery. It produces an extremely natural-looking result that leaves the face completely mobile – very important in Taylforth’s case. Taylforth is also a very animated woman who laughs and smiles all the time, so it was imperative that she could continue to emote.”

Dr Khan added, “Silhouette Soft appeals to many of my patients who are in the public eye or who have very demanding work schedules, as there is no downtime and the initial results are immediate – but get better over time – and the face continues to look as good for up to 18 months.“

This is because the effects of the treatment are two pronged: The lifting effect is immediate and discreet – the tension of the inserted threads lift the sagging tissues. The regenerative effect is gradual and natural – after insertion the reabsorbable cones on the thread anchor themselves into the tissues and stimulate the body to produce its own collagen. This action, which continues over time, helps increase the volume of saggy areas and restores shapeliness to the face gradually to achieve a natural looking result.

The minimally-invasive treatment is performed by a specially trained doctor such as Dr Aamer Khan. Local anaesthetic is applied to the face so that the patient does not feel a thing (which Gillian Taylforth can concur with as she remained animated throughout the procedure). Once numb a Silhouette Soft thread dotted with tiny cones (as small as sewing knots) is introduced just under the skin.  The whole procedure takes half an hour in duration and patients can resume their routine immediately after treatment. Sometimes there is a small amount of bruising around the entry points, however this can be covered with mineral make-up.