Fellowship June

June was a jam-packed month already for the Fellowship Project Teams – and it only got busier with their appearances at HAIRCON! Project Afro spent their day with Errol Douglas MBE, Project Sassoon focused on their photoshoot with Pink Grubb and Project X spent their day with Global Educator, Debbie Gee. 

Project Afro focused all their attention on how to build a mood board and create a collection with Errol Douglas MBE at The Berkeley Hotel in London.

Natasha Brajovic Stantic comments: “What an extraordinary experience of manners, skills and royalty training we have had with Errol.  The way he teaches is encouraging. He’s got the ability to put minds together. Our team bond is getting stronger with each session and our vision is getting crystallised.”

Richard James comments: “It was a pleasure spending a day with Errol Douglas. We got an insight how to build a mood board and creating a collection. We learnt so much, Errol is such an inspiration to us all.”

PROJECT: AFRO Team Leader:  Jacqui McIntosh
PROJECT: AFRO Team Members:

  • Richard James, Cyrl Cymru
  • Annabel Payne, Toni&Guy
  • Natasha Brajovic Stantic, Andrew Jose Salon

Project Sassoon spent their day with Project Leader, Pink Grubb in preparing for their 2-day photoshoot in July. The team focused on colour, as they came together to settle on a team for their photoshoot. The team decided that Mondrian, Keith Harring and the Blitz Kids were their main focus of inspiration for their photoshoot. Pink demonstrated ways to turn inspiration into colour techniques. The aim was to show how to connect inspiration images and technical colouring. The afternoon was reserved for a work session, where the team experimented with ideas based around their inspiration and creating head sheets of ideas.

Sarah Dawes comments: “Had a FABULOUS day with Pink, we explored how the ideas and inspiration for Hair Collections come about. It was really fascinating uncovering how a photograph of the reflection of light on a river could be turned into a colour technique of a shine line with blue and orange colour with a stunning image to match! It’s all about the story, the vibe and the feeling and how fashion, art, architecture and the person in the chair can be the starting point for a great photographic collection. We had fun in the practical session creating whatever colour technique we wanted with whatever shades of tint! A fabulous day with brilliant people and sweet treats too.”

PROJECT TEAM LEADERS:  Kitty Latham & Pink Grubb

  • Ellie Rider, Collective Studios
  • Joanna Jones, The Empress & Co
  • Callum Bates-Siney, William & Mary Hair & Beauty
  • Bela Nunes
  • Marcos Garcia, Tonics
  • Cheryl Poulter
  • Rosa Nockles Moore, DK UK
  • Kaitlyn White, Trinder Hair Studios
  • Sarah Dawes, West Suffolk College

Project X spent their day with Global Educator, Debbie Gee at the Billi Currie salon in London. Debbie’s hairdressing career has continued to take her all over the world, teaching hair artists. Debbie art directs photo shoots & teaches presentation skills, giving the team insight on how to present themselves in front of others and how to remain confident. The Fellowship are extremely honoured for Debbie’s mentoring support with our project teams.

Olivia Brady added: “Whilst this wasn’t my first day learning presentation skills with Debbie Gee, having a day on Project X with her was very educational and helped me with my rehearsal in our group for HAIRCON! Time after time, my confidence and skills only grow as I learn from Debbie. There is always something new to be learned, and Debbie is a master at instilling knowledge and confidence in her students! The energy and passion Debbie brings to her sessions only engages me more each time and is truly an honour to experience.”

PROJECT TEAM SUPPORT:  Annie Franklin & Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy

  • Chris Grimley, Fusion Hair Co
  • Lucy Melvin, Diamond Appearance
  • Kayleigh Byrne, Tribe Clapham
  • Charlotte Illi, Brooks & Brooks
  • Allie Harknett, Tribe Chislehurst
  • Stevie-Leah Loscombe, Blue Tit
  • Chelsey Stone
  • Olivia Brady, The Honeycomb Hair
  • Hannah-Marcia Larden, Hair by Hannah Marcia
  • Jacob Scully, Scully Scully
  • Phoebe Friend, SHAG!
  • Jamie Leigh Bailey, Meraki Hair Ashby