Five ways to bounce back after a pandemic

Ryan Power is a salon coach, podcast host, author and self-confessed marketing geek. He and his wife Hollie own salon coaching community Salonology and below he has outlined five points to help your business bounce back after a pandemic.

2020 hit most of the UK population hard — and salons were certainly no exception. The hour for wound licking has now passed, and it’s time to exhibit our best stiff upper lips, roll up our sleeves and return even better than we were. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, here are five ways to bounce back triumphantly.

Let them know you’re safe.

The mainstream media did such a wonderful job of paralysing the nation with fear in 2020 that many are still left wondering whether salons are safe… or indeed if it’s even safe to leave the house. Therefore, it’s on us as salon owners to ensure that clients know that we’re safe, open and ready to serve. After all, a trip to the salon isn’t quite therapy, but it sure is close for many. It’s not their job to know; it’s our job to tell them.

Go after the low hanging fruit.

Most business owners already have enough clients to last them a lifetime. They just don’t do a good enough job of getting them back more regularly. Print off a list of every client you’ve not seen for the last six months, and then call them to see how they are. You’ll be amazed at how many will be delighted to hear from you and will book in without resistance. Way to stand out from the competition! 

Embrace the changes! 

According to physics, the only constant is change.How true was that in 2020? Without question, there will be more changes on the horizon. You can either resist, challenge and moan on social media, or you can embrace it, run with it and look for the new opportunities it creates. I’ll be doing the latter and recommend you consider that path too.

Look for new ways to serve. 

The salon business landscape has changed and might never be the same again. You choose whether to view this as a challenge or an opportunity. Why not use this time to look at how you do things and for ways to improve your offering? How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd by doing things differently? The future belongs to the disruptors, so don’t be scared to try something new.

Double down on your marketing. 

When recessions strike, many companies are quick to scale back their marketing and sales functions. It is something which has always struck me as madness. This is the time to increase your efforts. It takes more and more impressions for your message to get noticed right now, and there has never been so much competition for the attention of your clients. It’s a great time to not only trial some new approaches, but also to analyse which of your marketing already works well — and do more of it.

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