Get set for success

The holidays and a start of a new year can be a hectic time for your salon…

Sometimes it can feel like you’re just trying to survive. What if you could set yourself up to thrive instead? Doing some of the work ahead of time helps you be more prepared as the holidays approach – and puts you one step ahead into the new year.

Gift Cards

You already have loyal clients. Gift cards are an easy way to get them to market your salon for you by giving your services to their family and friends. Why not create a reward incentive to encourage clients to buy gift cards (get an add-on service, 10% off purchase, etc.)?

Tracking Metrics

Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are the specific metrics that measure performance in a certain area of your business and help you see what’s working and what needs more attention. Use these to determine how your year went – and start thinking about ways to make it even better in the future.

Watch for revenue, referrals, client growth, and client retention.

MINDBODY software makes it easy to sell and promote gift cards online, as well as track all your KPIs. Using the advanced reporting and analytics, you can spot trends and forecast for your most successful year yet.

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