Get the GLOW

At the recent Olympia Beauty, endermologie® by LPG® demonstrated the only 100% natural, non invasive and non aggressive technique, which stimulates dormant cells’ activity for incredible anti-ageing and body contouring results.
The endermologie® GLOW treatment provides outstanding sensory stimulation, which helps to reactivate the fibroblasts deep inside the skin. This special treatment leaves the skin glowing by delicately and naturally exfoliating it, stimulating microcirculation and visibly enhancing the complexion – the quick but efficient results will leave you reeling! The post-care collagen mask is then applied to finish off the treatment in style. Made of 100% natural bio-cellulose, the mask soothes the skin and helps it to regenerate. Packed with collagen and hyaluronic acid to smooth lines and with liquorice extracts to clarify the complexion, this high-tech LPG® mask offers immediate and visible results.
Salon’s Tom Woollin was offered a treatment, and loved it!
“The treatment was amazing,” he said. “So soothing and relaxing that I nearly fell asleep! It really gave my skin a lift and it felt so much fresher and fuller after just 15 minutes – this is really impressive for a non-invasive treatment.”