Head for the Oasis

Transform your business with Yume Oasis, an ingeniously compact and portable shampoo unit.

From luxurious shampoo to head-spa services, Yume Oasis delivers the ultimate versatility for every salon business, allowing your client to remain in-situ as you simply manoeuvre your backwash station into position with ease. Perfect as a differentiating design feature that brings theatrical elements to the salon floor, or as a practical solution for space limited salons, this multipurpose unit becomes fully functional for a range of backwash services including shampoo, hair treatments and head massage.

The Yume Oasis features all of Yume’s highest quality components including double gel-filled neck and head cushions to guarantee support and comfort, facilitating a seamless transition from consultation to appointment. With a unique hair trap system, free-swivelling two-mode shower head and retractable cord, Yume Oasis elevates the shampoo, treatment and backwash experience by providing the ultimate in client comfort and relaxation. Disappearing for space and appearing for service, this unique equipment innovation by Takara Belmont is connected to the water supply via a floor situated ‘docking station’, just one Yume Oasis unit can serve an entire salon with one floor service unit installation per styling station.

Available in six colour options to complement your interior colour scheme and suit the specific service requirements of your salon, and with leasing options available, it will suit any budget. There has never been a better time to take advantage of customers’ demand for an elevated backwash experience.

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