High five!

Colin Shove of Salon Advantage offers five reasons why gift cards can add value to your business.

Expand your marketing efforts and give your salon a more professional image, offer clients the opportunity to buy gift cards for your salon’s services and products.

1) Increase brand awareness

If you’re trying to build up your reputation, you need to highlight your brand name to as many people as possible. Stylish plastic gift cards are a great way to do this. By offering branded gift cards decorated with high-quality graphics and colours you can drive visibility of your salon’s name and logo. The size of a standard credit card, gift cards will slot easily into a purse or wallet. They’re not as disposable as paper or card vouchers with a longer lifespan and a greater perceived value.

2) Make it easy for clients to pay

Gift cards are easy to use and simple to manage. They can be sold for a fixed value, or the price of a service or product, and are identifiable by a barcode. There’s no need for manual records as all details are stored on your computer.

From your clients’ point of view, all they need to do is hand over the card in payment – no need for cash or pin numbers. Regular clients who sent their children unattended to your salon could give them a pre-paid gift card to carry rather than money.

3) Create valuable point of sale marketing

Gift cards look great displayed in salon windows or at styling points and in treatment rooms. Fundamentally, you need to make your clients aware at every opportunity that you have them for sale. However, the most important location to display gift cards is by the reception desk/payment area where your client will make their transaction.

If your client has left buying a present to the last minute or is stuck on what to give, an eye-catching display of gift cards could present them with the answer to their dilemma. A salon gift card makes an ideal personalised birthday present or token of appreciation.

You’ve giving value to your customers and in turn potentially increasing the size of your clientele as partners, family members and friends of clients may visit your salon for the first time if they’re given a gift card.

4) Present gift cards as loyalty rewards

Gift cards can also be used as rewards for loyal clients; those lovely customers who come to you time and time again and tell their friends how fantastic you are. Your clients will be delighted to receive a thank-you note along with a gift card for one of your services. Imagine how many more referrals this could lead to?

5) Offer a profitable incentive

The beauty of gift cards is that they’re a marketing tool with a financial value. Essentially, you’re offering an incentive, but at full price. Most incentive-based marketing is about giving away discounts or free services. With a gift card, you’re selling your service at full price, and if some treatments cost £47 and the value of the card is £50, the remaining balance may go unused. Hence, you make a profit.

And, typically, salons that market and use gift cards go on to reorder more.

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