High Performance Hair Care

In this piece we explore Montibello’s newest range HOP, the Holistic Optimisation Products that combine science, wellness and nature to drive hair care beyond beauty.

A new range equals a new era of high performance products for complete, holistic hair care.  Targeting the eight signs of hair wellness: hydration, nutrition, balance, strength, colour protection, frizz control, volume and shine; these eco-friendly and eco-designed products contain up to 97% natural, clean, vegan and fully recyclable ingredients. They bring a new world of immersive gender-free textures and fragrances, with a sensory breakthrough in hair wellness, whilst being an eco-friendly range and caring for the planet.

HOP’s high performance formulas use LAE®, a new, next generation, 100% natural, safe and harm-free preservative.  LAE® (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCL) is more respectful of the hair microbiota and highly compatible with skin, therefore promoting a healthier scalp, due to its minimal sensitising and irritation potential.

HOP products allow you to provide the most immersive and relaxing experience in your salon.  Offering tailor-made, holistic, clean and vegan wellness rituals to reset and renew the scalp and hair, based on Ayurvedic head massage techniques, will make your salon unique, inviting your clients into a state of relaxation and well-being.

HOP textures are transformed as they are massaged and rinsed, providing a powerful and intensive treatment due to the high absorption and deep penetration. Whilst the scalp is refreshed and treated to delicate, subtle fragrances, the hair is enveloped in bolder, more seductive fragrances with aromas evocative of calmness and plenitude.

Four worlds of hair wellness provide a comprehensive salon experience.

Strength & Resistance

Ultra Repair restorative & nourishing routine to reconstruct and strengthen damaged hair.

Colour Last moisturising & protective routine to extend the lifespan of coloured hair.

Control & Energy

Full Volume volumising routine to deliver instant body and texture.

Smooth Hydration moisturising & anti-frizz routine to strengthen and tame dry, unruly and/or frizzy hair.

Defence & Balance

Detox detoxifying & balancing routine that rids the scalp of impurities, perspiration and oil.

Purifying Balance purifying & exfoliating routine that decongests toxin-saturated, stressed and/or dandruff prone scalps.

Sensitive Protection calming & protective routine that balances sensitive, irritated or flaky scalps.

Toning & Definition

Silver White colour brightening & refining routine for white or grey hair, that helps prevent hair ageing.

Blonde Glow colour brightening & neutralising routine to strengthen and reconstruct blonde or bleached hair.

Reflects range of colour boosting & reviving shampoos for natural or coloured hair.  Available in: brown, red, copper and purple.

HOP at a glance:

Up to 97% natural ingredients

Free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oils

Clean vegan formulas

Dermatologically-tested formulas

Fully recyclable packaging and plastic reduced by three tonnes

100% natural, safe and harm-free preservatives


HOP helps you make the leap towards wellbeing for your clients and the planet.