Group bookings offer spa operators an excellent return on investment and clients a convenient all-in-one package. Proving to be a cost-effective way to maximise the occupancy of your facilities, it makes absolute sense to maximise group bookings where possible. Conveniently, Core by Premier Software® enables you to do this with ease. Review how below:

Packages to match the current climate

An excellent way to maximise group bookings is by preparing new packages to match the season or current climate. Post-lockdown, this could be a package designed around social interaction and mindfulness, with group treatments including massages and classes including yoga. Make sure to visit our blog for more tips to entice clients back after the coronavirus to boost bookings.

Promote couples bookings

Couples are always looking for experiences together, so why not promote those experiences using social media and email? Spa days including access to facilities, a choice of treatment and either afternoon tea or dinner in the hotel restaurant are sure to appeal to this audience. Core not only segments data to send email marketing to clients with couples treatments in the past, but helps manage group reservations to make sure they are placed under one group booking.

Highlight group activities

With social experiences currently in high demand, why not highlight your group activity offerings online? Many families will be looking for a family swim during the summer, which means your pool activities should be presented clearly on your website. Similarly, any leisure areas and classes should be promoted where possible to encourage group activity bookings. Core enables the setup of group activities and classes, with flexibility on availability, length of booking and waiting list functionality.

Showcase facilities for corporate events

Business events and corporate conferences are wonderful ways to maximise group bookings. To attract these, hotel operators will need to showcase facilities such as meeting rooms, but also promote facilities for any down-time such as saunas, the gym or even tennis courts. Any facilities can be set up with ease using Core, enabling each site to have their own facilities and rotas for booking.

Provide joint memberships

Group memberships incentivise couples and families to visit your spa or leisure facilities together. Through presenting these online, available to purchase on your website, you make these types of memberships both accessible and attractive. Joint memberships will then lead to group bookings, which Core can link under one lead member to make payment easy.

Core provides all the above and more to maximise group bookings. For more information on what Core can do for your business, call: +44 (0)1543 466580 or…