IKON.IQ Revolutionizes Nail Care with Launch of PRIMA-HGX: Hypoallergenic Hard Gel Xpress Polishes

5th July 2024 – IKON.IQ, Europe’s pioneer in hypoallergenic professional nail products, today unveiled its groundbreaking PRIMA-HGX “Hard Gel Xpress” Rubber Base Gel Polish collection. This innovative line features 30 stunning shades, including a wide array of popular nude tones, setting a new standard in nail care safety and efficiency.

PRIMA-HGX outperforms traditional gel polish builders in strength, safety, and application speed. Its hypoallergenic formula addresses a critical concern in the nail industry: allergic reactions caused by improperly cured soak-off gel polishes.

“With PRIMA-HGX, we’re not just launching a product; we’re introducing a safer future for nail professionals and their clients,” said Robert Giblett, founder and CEO of IKON.IQ. “Our hard gel formulation eliminates the risk associated with uncured gel ingredients and acetone exposure during removal.”

Key Benefits of PRIMA-HGX:

– Superior strength and durability

– Hypoallergenic formula for reduced allergy risk

– Faster application and removal process

– Enhanced stain resistance ideal for various professions

– Exceptional adhesion, often eliminating the need for a base gel

– 4+ week wear time, even for those with active lifestyles

The PRIMA-HGX line also includes rubber base glitters and flash glitter gel polishes, with seasonal color releases planned.