Innovative Salon Technology

Introducing EMSCULPT, a new approach to body shaping. This non-invasive treatment suits male and female clients and addresses both muscle and fat. In this exclusive editorial, we find out more about EMSCULPT and the opportunities it presents to a salon business and its clients.

What clients can I offer this treatment to?

Clients that:

Spend long hours at the gym trying to tighten and tone their muscles without any desirable effect.
Aren’t suitable for other body shaping solutions.
Are looking for a non-invasive improvement of their buttocks.

How does the treatment work?

EMSCULPT creates a unique electromagnetic field that penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as belly fat. The energy induces almost 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session, something that can’t be achieved at the gym. All this happens while your client relaxes on your treatment bed.

What are the benefits of EMSCULPT?

  • It builds and strengthens muscles and burns your client’s belly fat without the time-consuming struggle of exercise.
  • It is the world’s only non-invasive procedure to efficiently lift, fill and firm your buttocks.
  • It can improve strength, muscle tone and firmness in the arms and calves.
  • It is a comfortable non-invasive procedure with no recovery time, no anaesthesia and no needles are required.
  • Depending on the treated area, the standard procedure is just four 20 or 30 minute treatments over a two-week period.
  • Your client may begin to feel improvement right after the treatment, and it may even continue improving for several weeks following the treatments.

What makes EMSCULPT stand out from other procedures on the market?

EMSCULPT is the only procedure in the world that not only targets fat, but also simultaneously builds muscles. All the other technologies only treat fat. For the best results your clients need to have their fat reduced as well as their underlying muscles strengthened.

EMSCULPT is not based on a heating/cooling principle, so there are no risks of burns, scarring or swelling.
Furthermore, no other technology on the market can give you a non-invasive buttock lift. Through strengthening of all your gluteal muscles, EMSCULPT established a completely new category of treatments – a non-invasive butt lift.

Is the treatment safe?
The new EMSCULPT is FDA cleared, medical CE-marked, and represents the first innovative technology that has shown in multiple studies to treat both muscle and fat.

Is the treatment painful?
That is the best thing about the EMSCULPT. Patients say it is completely painless, the procedure feels like an intensive workout. Your client can lay down and relax during the treatment.

Is there any downtime or pre/post-treatment preparation?
Compared to other procedures, there is absolutely no downtime with the EMSCULPT. After the procedure it feels like you had an amazing workout, and you can get back to work immediately following the procedure.

When can clients expect to see results?
This may vary depending on their age, physical condition, BMI and many other aspects. In general patients begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

How long do the results last and do clients need to repeat the procedure regularly?
Nothing in life lasts forever, but the clinical studies show that majority of patients are still better in both muscle and fat even a year after their treatment series. However we recommend clients to book another consultation few months after their treatments to see if they may benefit from any additional treatments. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain their results in long-term.

Client testimonials

Testimonial from Marc
“Having a procedure like EMSCULPT, there is no prep, there is no downtime, there is now after… it’s beautiful that way. I feel much more confident, much better about myself – my own self-image.”

Testimonial from James
“Just 20 minutes in four sessions made a bigger difference on my calves than the last few years of trying to get them stronger and firmer, I didn’t believe it, but now I know, that anything is possible with the EMSCULPT.”

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