Introducing ACESO™ from Famous Names – Our Goddess of Nail Recovery

Famous Names is proud to unveil ACESO™, a revolutionary nail care system that sets new standards
for nail health and beauty.

ACESO™, named after the Greek goddess of the healing process, is designed to transform the way
we care for our nails. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and the expertise of industry professionals,
ACESO™ offers a comprehensive range of solutions that promote healthier, stronger, and more
beautiful nails.

Developed by Famous Names, ACESO™ penetrates through the nail plate onto the nail bed and
surrounding soft tissue, delivering targeted relief and support
. The system includes essential
products such as Kick Start Soak, Debrider, Step 1, and Step 2, each meticulously formulated to provide
effective results.

Clients using ACESO™ can enhance their nail care routine by incorporating IBX once the nail plate is
mostly attached and the underlying nail condition is resolving. Daily use of Dadi’Oil alongside ACESO™
can further optimise results, promoting healthier, stronger nails.

ACESO™ targets various nail conditions, including Athlete’s Foot, Fungus, Bacteria,
Hyperkeratosis, and Onycholysis, providing a holistic approach to nail care.

The ACESO™ system is now available for purchase from Sweet Squared.


Aceso Client Kit (includes Step 1, Step 2 & Debrider): £35.45
Aceso Step 1 (0.5 fl oz): £13.45
Aceso Step 2 (0.5 fl oz): £13.45
Aceso Debrider (2 fl oz): £13.45
Aceso Kick Start Soak (13 oz): £41.45