Introducing Lisa Kon

Salon – As nail art is ever evolving, how important is in to keep on top of trends within the industry?

Lisa Kon – The nail industry is growing really fast! It’s important to be on top of trends. Learn new techniques, look for inspiration in art, objects, social events and people.

Salon – If you are not keeping up with other competition on the market, how will this affect the business over time?

Lisa Kon – I don’t blindly follow other nail artists and trends because there is a risk to stay behind. I create original designs and thankfully have clients such as Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian so my work gets a lot of exposure.  Magazines write articles about it and other nail artists use it for inspiration. 

For example, new year zebra design for Kendall: This design and variations of it are the most popular in the industry.

For me, it is more interesting to come up with a unique design and invent new trends.

Salon – As an affordable indulgence for many people, what are the benefits of offering a nail treatment option?

Lisa Kon – We recommend a wide range of procedures depending on the condition and length of nails. In different cases we will use different products for maximum client satisfaction. My rubber base is ideal for healthy nails. Manicures will stay perfect for 3-4 weeks without chipping.

For thin and damaged nails we recommend strengthening with hard gel/poly gel.

Salon – What are your thoughts on nail courses to help keep up with the latest tricks of the trade? And where can these courses be found?

Lisa Kon – There are a lot of courses on the market. The right course with a brilliant teacher can be a game-changing. Investing in yourself is very important.  My education is now available in the UK and you can take a look at

Salon – Which one product would you say a nail tech shouldn’t be without at a nail appointment which requires nail art?

Lisa Kon – A good brush for sure! 

Your brush should be of excellent quality.  The process of nail art should be enjoyable for you. My must-have brush is lk 4659 for thin lines. With this brush, I create most of my designs.