Introducing the new Maria Nila Scalp Brush

Maria Nila launches a new addition to the range of professional haircare, a stimulating Scalp Brush. This tool will not only exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood flow, but also help release tension and rejuvenate the washing experience.

The Maria Nila Scalp Brush serves many purposes as it helps distribute and applicate products to the hair as well as exfoliates the scalp, removes dead skin cells and product residue. By implementing a scalp massage into your routine, you will boost your scalp with several benefits that will give both short term and long term results. To give your hair the best possible conditions to grow you need to make sure that your scalp is clean, has a good blood circulation and gets nourished from within.

Using the Scalp Brush as a treatment does not only have benefits for the hair, it also gives a greater sense of well-being. Tension in the head and neck will start being released when using the tool and Oxytocin,
called ‘The Love Hormone’ is exuded when giving massage to the scalp.

Use the Scalp Brush together with Maria Nila shampoo of choice to apply the product and stimulate the scalp by doing circular motions. Can also be used together with the Head & Hair Heal Masque and Booster
to massage the products onto the scalp.

Maria Nila’s Scalp Brush is made of recycled plastic with wheat straw plant fibre and has soft teeth out of silicone.

RRP: 15 €

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