It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas for salons can often be one of the most amazing times of year as everyone is keen to book courses and gift vouchers. It is important to maximise on these opportunities, and make the most out of it for your salon.

SALONGENIUS know how important this is which is why we recommend to implement loyalty schemes and recommend-a-friend opportunities even more during this period! Thanking your clients for spending money with you is one of the most important ways to keep them coming back; you want to make your clientele feel cherished and part of the team, so they don’t leave!

SALONGENIUS know that customer retention is one of the biggest problems for salon owners, which is why SALONGENIUS provide owners with so many facets to combat this.

SALONGENIUS software has been created for you the salon owner, this means refining your loyalty schemes, and allocating points (or stamps) in whatever way you see fit. The system is the perfect way to increase traffic into your salon, whilst keeping customers happy! Even if loyalty card schemes aren’t your thing, market yourself this festive season with treatments your clientele will jump at! SALONGENIUS software allow you to set a criterion, letting you target those who would be more likely to use the promotion! GENIUS, right?

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