Legendary Wows: Is Your Salon a Legend?

When you think of the top luxury hotels, it’s the ‘wow’ factor that sets them apart from the mundane and ordinary. They’ve gone beyond excellence and become legendary, so guests plan their return before they leave and tell all their friends about it.

Transforming clients into brand advocates is the dream of every salon owner, and Vish can help it become a reality.

Legendary Wows

The luxury hotelier Ritz-Carlton aims for ‘legendary wows’ with every guest to exceed  expectations. It does this by streamlining the experience. You can, too. In a salon, the first step to ironing out any bumps is to regularly revisit the stylists’ workflow, as well as the client’s journey. Streamline the experience by giving stylists access to their clients’ histories on Vish and end traffic jams at the PoS or card index caused as the team hunts for past formulas. And with an exact history to hand, it will be easier for them to talk knowledgeably and specifically during consultation rather than relying on vague memories.

Consistency is Key

Ensuring the same flawless service every visit reinforces that positive impression, but notetaking is easily missed when you are fully booked, with the next client waiting. That’s why stylists love the automated nature of Vish, where all formulas are updated in real-time. It frees them from the burden of written record keeping. It also ensures consistency and flexibility when remixing mid-service care, with the formula and ratios of any necessary additional bowls matched perfectly thanks to the easy-to-use Vish colour drop guide. 

Charge With Confidence

Put your client’s mind at ease with simple, transparent pricing based on rules you set and get followed no matter what as it’s all automatically updated at the front desk. Add an extra toner? Done. And it’s all broken down clearly for the client. No more missed services, and it takes the onus off the stylist to remember and report any extras. With Vish you can finally ensure the unit cost of every product used is covered in the client charges.

Always Available

Recreating a favourite look can be tricky if a particular brand of colour is out of stock; this can negatively impact the client experience and send the team into a panic. Salons are ditching the weekly manual counts and inflated stock  – in favour of ordering based on precise usage. Every gram dispensed is recorded and updated in Vish, so it’s simple to see what needs reordering and what doesn’t.

Absence Doesn’t Make the Heart Fonder

Disappointment doesn’t breed positivity, and while most clients are sympathetic when a stylist is absent, they still want their hair done. Being able to allocate another stylist, who has access to a full client history and up-to-date formulas will mean the world to the client. They won’t desert their favourite stylists just because they were ill, but they will remember the legendary service your salon delivered at that dark hour.

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