Loyalty bonus

Jennifer Linton and Jaye Macdonald, co-directors, Linton & Mac, Aberdeen, ensure their clients keep at least one new year’s resolution – to have great hair!

What plans do you have in place to maximise bookings for the start of the next year?

We get booked up a long way in advance, so many of our clients have got into a great routine of booking two appointments ahead to ensure they always get the date, time and stylist they want.

What kind of promotions have you run in the past to increase early New Year sales?

Last year we didn’t run any promotions as we had only been in business a year. This year we are offering the services of our Graduate Stylists at a discounted rate. This is popular with clients on a budget, as it allows them to enjoy the salon experience with a newly graduated stylist, overseen by a senior stylist to ensure they get the best possible result. It helps build the confidence of the Graduate and also helps build their clientele.

We also run promotions on our ‘Express Beauty’ treatments – such as nails and brows – which are run as ‘Flash Friday’ promotions (which we promote on the Wednesday prior). This has proved to be very effective. As a relatively new salon, we find it beneficial to run promotions on these services as they often encourage new clients to the salon, who then tend to rebook for beauty and start visiting us for hair services, too.

Do you ever run a January sale/deal on your appointments and/or retail products?

Although we haven’t implemented this yet, we have seen that other salons find colour sales in the quieter months effective.

What about sending out vouchers or Christmas gifts to encourage re-booking?

For our first Christmas we let clients choose a gift tag from a jar that had a variety of services on the tags for them to redeem on their following appointment. This was a great way to introduce clients to services they might not have tried, such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod service, or a particular backwash treatment. Last year we sent out Happy New Year vouchers, which offered clients 20% off their January/February appointment.

Why do you think this works well for you?

This worked well as it was an affordable way for us to thank our clients for their support and custom throughout the year. It also encourages rebooking in the quieter months.

Do you ever host Christmas events and offer discounts for bookings in January and February?

For our first Christmas we hosted a pre-Christmas client event where we had a DJ, mulled wine and nibbles. We offered discounted services and products bought on the day with a gift-wrapping service also available. Last year we hosted our ‘Low Down’ event – a collaborative event with a variety of local businesses, and this year’s ideas are in the pipe-line!

What do you do to reward your clients for being loyal to your salon?

We have a loyalty card scheme that’s run through Shortcuts; clients receive points for every pound spent. This also keeps track of our top spenders so we can then invite our VIP clients to key events in the salon throughout the year.


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