Make the most of what you have!

Non-moving stock can be the bane of salon owners, seeing stock sit in your cupboard for months or even years that you’ve spent hard cash on can be a bitter reminder of wasted money.

SALONGENIUS’ stock control function keeps an eye on exactly what isn’t moving and helps you to decide how to make future orders. At SALONGENIUS we’re very keen on being proactive and this means making the most of your resources to the max, so why not sell it on?

Christmas can be an excellent way to get rid of old stock that has been sitting on your shelf for the last few months. We suggest using SALONGENIUS software to identify non-moving stock and tactically sell it on as Christmas gifts for a loved one or for the individual. This could come in the form of a salon holiday promotion, and would work great as a staff sale, or expand to your customers perhaps focusing on those that already use the product to get more movement.

Whatever the case don’t sit on unused stock for another year. It takes up unnecessary space, that could be used for other things and as stated before is a reminder of wasted money.

Selling on old stock is a great way to take a load off of your shoulders, and make someone else’s day! One man’s trash is another’s treasure after all! Relieve some stress, and make some extra cash along the way!

GENIUS, right?

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