Making Socials Simple

In this month’s instalment of Simply Social, our expert Brad Williams, talks all things Barbie and how to leverage the release of the hit film to create compelling content that seamlessly converts into bookings!

The recent Barbie film release has reignited a love for this timeless character, captivating individuals of all ages. As hairdressing salons strive to stay innovative, there’s an opportunity to draw inspiration from the movie’s themes of self-discovery, creative expression, and embracing uniqueness.

The key to capitalising on the Barbie trend lies in effortlessly weaving its essence into your salon’s social media strategy. To do this, consider these creative approaches:

Barbie-Themed Hairstyling: Dive into the film’s vibrant aesthetics by offering clients Barbie-inspired hairstyles. From classic updos to contemporary twists, these styles can be tailored to any age group. Document the transformation journey with captivating visuals, showcasing the enchantment your salon can create.

Empowerment Campaigns: The film’s core celebration of empowerment and pursuing dreams should resonate in your salon’s messaging. Share your hairstylists’ personal journeys, spotlighting their unwavering commitment and love for their craft. Forge connections with your audience by demonstrating how individuals can boldly chase their aspirations.

Barbie-Inspired Makeovers: Collaborate with makeup artists to provide comprehensive Barbie-inspired makeovers that encompass both hair and makeup transformations. Tailor these makeovers to diverse Barbie personas, enabling clients to experiment with a variety of looks.

Reels and TikTok: Craft short, lively reels on Instagram or TikToks showcasing your hairstylists effortlessly transforming clients’ hair to the beat of popular Barbie audio clips, using trending sounds will get more views. This not only entertains but also showcases your salon’s expertise.

Narrative-Driven Content: Develop brief narratives inspired by the film’s dialogues then employ these narratives as voiceovers for transformation videos, encapsulating the essence of Barbie’s empowering message.

Interactive Polls and Challenges: Invite your audience to vote on their preferred Barbie persona for a recreation, with the film’s audios adding a touch of nostalgia to the background.

Behind-the-Scenes: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your stylists honing their art against the backdrop of trending audio. This not only adds authenticity but also unveils the dedication and ingenuity invested in each makeover.

Adding Barbie Flair Affordably

Being realistic, this is a trend. You don’t need to throw hundreds of pounds into this. To achieve the signature Barbie look without breaking the bank, salon owners and hairdressers can explore affordable options such as synthetic hair extensions. Companies like sugalane at offer high-quality extensions that effortlessly infuse the Barbie-inspired vibe. These extensions come in a range of colours, allowing clients to experiment with bold, Barbie-worthy shades temporarily.

The Barbie trend is a chance for salons to curate content that resonates with audiences while championing self-expression. This goes beyond a mere marketing strategy; it’s an opportunity to embolden individuals to embrace their unique styles and step into the limelight with confidence, just like the iconic Barbie herself. Prepare to not only transform hair but also lives, one trend-setting makeover at a time.