Making Socials Simple

In the world of hairdressing, making meaningful connections with clients through social media is a powerful way to secure bookings and foster trust. This month, SimplyHair’s social media expert Brad Williams, delves deeper into some specific content ideas, with a focus on the ‘Get Ready with Me’ TikTok trend, and other relatable content that hairdressers can create.

‘Get Ready with Me’ also known as #GRWM videos are a fantastic way to connect with clients and showcase your expertise. In these videos, you take your audience on a journey as you prepare for the day.

For a hairdresser, a GRWM video might look like an ‘Outfit of the Day tutorial’, a vlog of you travelling to the salonhowcasing how you prep the salon for your first client.
These videos make you super relatable by showing your daily routines and professional rituals.

Styling Tutorials
Styling tutorials are a goldmine for hairdressers looking to connect with their clients on social media. Create short, snappy tutorials that focus on specific hairstyles or techniques that are your go-to’s for a busy salon day. Explain each step clearly, offer practical tips, and use visual aids to help your audience understand the process. This type of content not only showcases your skills but also positions you as an expert in your field.

Product Reviews
Give your clients insight into the products you use and love by creating honest product reviews. Test and review haircare products, styling tools, and accessories, sharing your thoughts on their effectiveness, and the pros and cons. This not only demonstrates your knowledge but also helps clients make informed decisions about the products they use on their hair. Be authentic and unbiased in your reviews to build trust.


Personal storytelling allows clients to connect with you on a deeper level, understanding the person behind the professional facade. If you are prepared to, people connect when those sharing a story are open to being vulnerable, so tapping into those more challenging times throughout your career could really pull in an engaged and invested audience.


Showcasing your clients’ transformations is an amazing way to showcase your work, however, showing the consultation process is also a very effective way to show off your skills. Grabbing a mic for a willing client and talking through on camera what they are looking for and how you plan to achieve it will show potential clients you truly listen and can work with them to achieve the style they are looking for.

In the world of social media, creating relatable content is the key to connecting with clients as a hairdresser. By offering ‘Get Ready with Me’ videos, story times, styling tutorials, and consultations, you can show that there’s a real person behind your brand. Your clients will appreciate the authenticity and expertise, ultimately leading to more bookings and stronger client relationships.