Men’s grooming expert takes British standard barbering to Oklahoma

trichology training

Men’s grooming director at the British Barber’s Association, Sheriff Mehmet, travelled to the U.S. to share his skills with the Oklahoma-based Trichology Salon in preparation for the launch of their brand new hair academy.

Mehmet, who also owns Essex-based Envy Barbers Education, trained the salon’s co-owners Rick Bennet, Greg Welchel and Tammy Briggs, along with their team members ahead of the launch of their new venture, the Hair Arts Institute. The new academy will be the first ever North American barbering school to be certified by the British Barber’s Association.

Co-owner Welchel said of Mehmet’s training, “Not only did he arm our team with the knowledge needed to teach others the art of shaving, he also instilled the rich tradition of men’s grooming and barbering, and the discipline it takes to perform the craft to an impressive standard.”