NEW Murad Multi-Vitamin Clear Coat SPF 50

The NEW face SPF helps deliver protection against early skin ageing. With a powerful blend of vitamins and patented bio-fermented technology, this multi-tasking SPF provides antioxidant defense for healthier-looking skin.

What makes it different?

SPF 50 blocks up to 98% of UVB radiation and around 55% of free radicals generated by UV exposure (only if sunscreen is applied and re-applied properly and thoroughly). This gap in free radical defence depletes skin’s natural antioxidants and makes it susceptible to lasting signs of skin damage like dark spots, uneven tone, loss of elasticity and dullness.

We fortified this formula with nourishing omegas from chia seeds to stimulate ceramide production to strengthen barrier.

Ingredients Spotlight:

  • Powerful blend of vitamins C-F
  • Omega-packed chia seed
  • Patented bio-fermented clary sage

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