NEW PRODUCT: Essie Gel System

essie gelFollowing its alignment with L’Oreal, Essie has worked with the brand’s global research and development team to create an innovative 2-in-1 professional LED gel system.

Made with keratin-care technology, it offers all the long-lasting benefits of gel polishes without damaging the nail. Featuring 36 shades, including Essie favourites and new colours, the gel polishes respect nail health, protect the nail from breaking and offer up to three weeks of amazing colour and shine. The system includes Prep + Finish nail cleanser, base coat, gel colours, top coat, gel remover and a professional LED lamp.

Available from September.

The nail expert is also launching Essie Cares, a new programme designed to support professional partners in brining Essie Gel to their clients.

Gel colours: £16.55; Base coat and top coat: £18.55; Pre/post cleanser: £11.80; Gel remover liquid: £8.95; Various packages available. Tel: 800 012 1784;

For information and prices for Essie Education contact Emma Lynwode, Tel: 07825  106 519