NEW PRODUCT: Salon System Marvellash Silky J Curl and Sensitive Glue

marvellash setSalon System has added to its extensive lash category with new Marvellash Silk J Curl and Marvellash Sensitive Glue, designed to create full, voluminous and long-lasting lashes bespoke to your client’s needs.

To coincide with the launch of the new products, Salon System has introduced a new Creative Lash Technician Course, for both beginners and professionals to learnt the latest lash techniques, creative trends, and tricks of the trade.

MarvelLash Silky J Curl: £10.95 + VAT; MarvelLash Sensitive Glue: £14.50 + VAT; Creative Lash Technician Course: £115 +VAT; Tel: 0208 8454115;