No More False Promises

In this exclusive piece, we explore the opportunity to elevate your salon business and provide results-driven treatments with Celestetic.

Who are Celestetic?

Combining technological innovations and scientific advancements has allowed Celestetic to offer an unbeatable range of professional products and solutions that are specially tailored to achieve the best results for the skin; without false promises.

All of Celestetic’s technologies are used to design and create their professional treatment range and devices, which have been clinically proven to the high standards of aesthetic medicine. Celestetic stand out with their innovative ethos of solely relying on scientific proof to achieve the most effective results for your clients.

What makes Celestetic stand out?

Celestetic stands out in a competitive industry by basing its marketing on facts. The brand provides solutions that work for you and your customers, with visible and lasting results. In addition to being a brand, it is also about being a laboratory that develops its own equipment and solutions, in Belgium and Italy. Our mission is to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability and we are committed to providing you with a quality of service.

Liz Firth, Director of EMF Training Ltd, partnered with Celestetic in November 2022, whilst visiting Cosmoprof in Singapore. Liz was searching for a range of skin peels, meso cocktails and equipment to suit her training academy and the needs of her students. The Celestetic range responded to her all her needs, so she signed an exclusive distributor contract to bring all of the latest and innovative techniques over to the UK.

Extensive Peel Range

An extensive range to cover all skin types, concerns and client needs. Some skin concerns that this treatment targets is: whitening, anti-aging and acne to name but a few. This treatment allows more flexibility on treatment time, allowing you to fit this into a busy salon schedule. Providing excellent profit margins, the treatment is a great tool to increase revenue, with an extensive protocol to follow to deliver a professional treatment to your clients.

Micro-needling Meso cocktails

This intermixable, bespoke service, works in line with any skin pen or roller. With a large choice of cocktails suitable for all skin types and concerns. Celestetic provide continued support and training, allowing you to offer a medical grade treatment in your salon.

Cosmeceutical Skin

This prescription-based skin line, is a comprehensible and effective range to introduce into your salon. This exclusive and affordable range, offers science-backed results.


For more information on the range or to become a Brand Ambassador, please contact Liz Firth: