One of 2012’s Hero Brands Brazilian Blowout faces no competition & can Triple your salons sales

One of this year’s #1 Products of the Year, Brazilian Blowout, gives stylists a long-lasting alternative to relaxants and other harsh chemical straighteners.

For a long time, the only consistently successful straightening systems that lasted longer than a day were harsh, lye-based relaxants. Relaxants became especially popular for at-home use between the 1920s and 1960s, when lye was used with potatoes and eggs, most significantly by black men interested in calming their ultra-curly hair, a treatment called conking.

Today there are some slightly less toxic salon versions that will calm frizzy hair and produce the desired effect, but at what cost? Lye and the other harsh chemicals used in relaxants do a lot of damage over time, making hair even harder to tame.

Distributed by Ganesha Group, Brazilian Blowout provides a line of unique and effective smoothing  products that do not destroy hair, but actually help strengthen hair. From professional grade shampoo to the seemingly magical smoothing treatments and aftercare products, they claim that there really is no comparison on the market today – which is why Brazilian Blowout is being honoured as one of 2012’s Top Products.

The Process

Brazilian Blowout Pro Solution and Brazilian Blowout Zero+, in combination with the Brazilian Blowout aftercare products, provide up to four months of smooth  hair after a single treatment. The Original Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment takes about 90 minutes, from shampooing to the final blow dry. The newer Brazilian Blowout Zero+ takes about 60 minutes.

The in-salon products are applied and activated by a stylist in about 10 steps. Specially formulated Anti-Residue Professional Shampoo preps the clients hair for the smoothing treatment. This step many be repeated as many times as needed to ensure the hair is squeaky clean. After a towel dry, the hair is parted into four sections, and Brazilian Blowout smoothing solution is lightly dusted onto the hair and combed through. The hair is then blow dried completely and straightened with a flat iron, sealing the product. The clients hair is then thoroughly rinsed with water, and the Brazilian Blowout Masque is applied. The Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum is applied just before a final blow dry.

This process is not dissimilar to relaxants and conking, however, the core of the product is Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, a proprietary blend of amino acids that fill the cuticle and provide protective protein to create shine, conditioning and silkiness without losing volume, rather than harsh relaxants which destroy hair cuticles.

The Products

Besides the Original Brazilian Blowout Solution, there are a whole line of products that can help to keep hair straight and smooth for as long as possible.

The more recently developed Brazilian Blowout Zero+ uses the Kerasafe ™ Bonding System, a plant-derived amino acid solution. Clients with thin or flat hair find that this solution creates volume and big, soft curls stay in their hair longer.

Then of course there are the aftercare and styling products.

The aftercare line is called Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care, along with the new range of volume products. These help  to ensure that the Brazilian Blowout Pro Solution or Brazilian Blowout Zero+ last longer.
Products include:
•       Anti-Frizz Shampoo
•       Anti-Frizz Conditioner
•       Volume Shampoo
•       Volume Conditioner
•       Deep Conditioning Masque
•       Daily Smoothing Serum

Styling products include:
•       Shine & Shield Spray Shine
•       Protective Thermal Straightening Balm
•       Instant Volume thermal root lift
•       Instant Volume body boost powder
•       Restorative Sculpt & Define Polish

Styling and aftercare products use the Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex, which relies on Acai berries and a proprietary blend of healthy compounds that promote smooth hair cuticles. Just know that for £425 you can get a set of products for your salon to do 34 treatments which can bring your salon between £5000-£8000 in profit for just those 34 treatments.

In the UK and North Africa, the distributor of Brazilian Blowout products is the Ganesha Group,  Visit them at
or call their UK offices at 0845 862 5110.